Put your flooring scraps and materials to good use around the house and yard.

After every home building project there are tons of leftover scraps, especially flooring materials.  It seems like such a shame to throw these materials away when you can find some really practical uses for them.  You should always keep a few extra pieces of flooring materials to repair or replace any damaged flooring you might have in the future.  

Now let's make a list for some creative and practical ways to use the rest of the scraps and materials besides taking up a corner in your garage!

Carpet ScrapsCredit: carpet-tile.com

Carpet Scraps

  • Carpet pieces make excellent linings for pet beds and baskets.  Use a carpet knife and just cut to fit the bed.  You can take the piece out and pressure wash as needed.  Don't have a pressure washer?  Put the carpet piece in a large plastic garbage bag and take it to the car wash the next time you go to wash your car.  Lay it out in the sun or hang to dry before replacing in the pet bed.  Spray or sprinkle with some pet air freshener to kill bacteria and for a nice fresh smell.
  • Line your car trunk with a large carpet scrap.  This will protect your original trunk liner and can help keep the resale value of your car.  Again, just measure the scrap and cut to fit.  When it becomes dirty, just remove to clean or have it vacuumed out while its still in your trunk when you take your car in to be washed and detailed. If you don't want to keep the carpet piece in your trunk all of time, keep it rolled up and handy for those times when you are hauling garbage, plants, Christmas tree, or other items that leave dirt and debris.  If you ever get stuck in the snow or mud or have car problems, you can pull this carpet piece out of the trunk and throw it on the ground to protect your clothing.
  • Putting in a new pathway outside of your home?  Line the path with carpet pieces or padding before you put down the gravel.  This will inhibit the growth of weeds and other stray plants.
  • Carpet the children's playhouse for a nice cozy atmosphere.  Carpet will also prevent scrapes and slivers!
  • Cover your composting pile with a large piece of carpet or padding to keep the heat in which will accelerate the natural processes of decomposition.  And it will help keep the smell down a bit. 
  • Use carpet pieces instead of expensive rugs on the outside by the back or garage door.  It  will help pick up some of the dirt and mud before it is tracked inside the house and if it gets too dirty you can just throw it away.
  • Protect your back door!  Having a kicker plate on the base of your door will save damage from children kicking and pets scratching.  Use a piece of carpet about 12 inches high and the width of the door and attach to reduce the wear and tear on the surface.  Spray with a heavy duty adhesive to attach to the door. 

Vinyl Flooring

  • Use a piece of vinyl flooring to cushion under the washing machine.  It will lay nice and flat and help cushion the vibrations from the machine. 
  • Vinyl flooring makes wonderful cupboard and drawer liners, especially under sinks.  It's easy to wash and clean and can be easily cut to fit perfectly.  Use under small kitchen appliances such as large mixers and bread makers. 

Flooring Tiles

  • Using your favorite quote, decorate ceramic or porcelain tiles with vinyl lettering and set on a small easel for a pretty decorating accent.  
  • Need a pan rest to protect your kitchen countertop?  Put small felt adhesive tabs on the back of a kitchen floor tile and you have a nice decorative pan rest that will match your kitchen!
Decorative TileCredit: thatsvinyl.com

Cork Tiles

  • Cut into 4 X 4 inch square or round pieces to use for coasters to protect your furniture from cups and glasses.  Paint with simple design using acrylic paints or decals for a nice decorative touch.
  • Use as pad to line the bottom of heavy vases, lamps or ornaments to protect floors and furniture.  Just cut to fit the bottom and attach using double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Make a memo or small bulletin board by lining a picture frame!  Back the frame with a solid piece of thin board and then glue the cork onto it.  This makes a great little memo board, which won't take up much room and adds a decorative touch.