Valentines PicturesValentines Day and balloons just seem to go together. Chocolate, flowers and balloons can really complete the perfect Valentines gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you want to add a special flair to your holiday this year, try doing something a little special with your Valentines Day balloons. 

Step 1: Get a bunch of red, pink and white Valentines Day balloons filled with helium. Each balloon needs a long ribbon tied to the base.

Step 2: Halfway down tie a little bag filled with candies, jewelry or other Valentines Day presents. Candies such as candy hearts, heart-shaped chocolates and other heart-shaped Valentines Day candies should make up the majority of what’s tied to the balloons. Fresh Valentines cookies can be tied on as well. Some can be left without any presents tied to them as well as they are just there to take up space in the car. 

Step 3: While your boyfriend or girlfriend is at work, fill his/her car with the balloons. If the car door is locked and you don’t have a spare, tell your loved one you left something in the car and need it.  

Step 4: Tie the ends of the ribbons to something in the vehicle, such as the headrest of the car seat, stick shift or use a sand bag to hold them down to ensure they do not fly away when your boyfriend or girlfriend opens the car door.

Step 5: Choose a balloon in the middle of the car, weight it down well and tie an engagement ring near the bottom of the balloon’s ribbon. This is a unique and creative way to propose on Valentines Day, and you’ll only have to remember a holiday for the anniversary. 

Step 6: Make sure the car looks full of Valentines Day balloons and that each is secured well or weighted down. You may need to add additional balloons once you see how the car looks. These can be blown up without helium and put on the dashboard and seats to make the car look fuller. 

Step 7: Close the car door carefully to make sure you don’t pop any of the Valentines Day balloons and lock it. If you borrowed the key for the car, take it back inside to your boyfriend or girlfriend. 


It may be best to wait until your girlfriend or boyfriend has only a couple of hours left at work. This will ensure the balloons aren’t affected by heat or cold too greatly.