Vinyl wall decals really came on the scene a few years ago. It was something that was an instant hit. However, now it's quite a mainstay in design. Whereas it was once cutting edge now you can really find new ideas for these fun materials that are inexpensive and easy to remove.

You can really add a lot more substance by going with a mixed media piece. This is perfect if you already have stenciling on your walls. You could just try adding in a few whimsical birds or flowers, which is a way that you could really just change out your basic kids’ wall mural and make it a little bit more whimsical and could also bring in fresh new colors as well.

If you have the traditional style of wallpaper on half of your wall then this can really come into play as well. Sometimes wallpaper can feel dated or formal. Instead, you could just go for vinyl wall decal quotes. This can be in the same color as part of your wall paint and black is also a really great option as well. If you go for custom versions this can really be quite expensive. If you are just choosing from your typical quotes that you find in the stores it can be difficult to get pieces that are going to relate to who you are. However, with a little bit of patience you can just assemble a random pack of letters into a memorable quote.

You also might want to really have a sense of humor with this. For instance, at IKEA they've shown this even on appliances. You will need to check the back of the packaging to see which surfaces that your vinyl wall decals are appropriate for. This is going to take something that a lot of people are using but just have a totally different take on it. In this case, you can just go for a retro inspired design. This is perfect if you have a white or black fridge instead of the stainless steel version you just want to dress up. If you feel like it's sticking out like a sore thumb instead, just turn it into something very beautiful.

When you do go with lighter types it can be a little bit juvenile because this is something that we see a lot of in kids’ rooms. In this case, you might just have one really oversized letter in your entryway. This can be a very modern monogram that isn't going to require that you do all of the embroidery work that the classic versions required.

You can also have a lot of fun with your entire pack. This is especially true when you buy a lot of letters. Usually you'll be able to use all of the different branches and flowers. However, when you buy letters you usually just need a few of them. You may even have to buy multiple packs because you might run out of vowels. Instead of trying to spell out something this really focuses on the typography design style that is really popular both in the interior worlds as well as the fashion world as well. You could just apply an entire pack to the wall. You want to go with bold statements in the main living areas of your home by using several packs. It can even mimic wallpaper. However, in a kids room you're really going to be able to experiment with a lot of bright colors as well