The words "wedding" and "budget" are not happy bedfellows; weddings mean money. By the time you get thinking about wedding decorations the bulk of your budget is gone (or bust) but that doesn't mean you can't have a great looking wedding. Here are some great ideas for wedding decorations on a budget to get you inspired and happy.

Edible Decorations

Edible decorations are not only inexpensive they can cover a large area (thus reducing costs further) and are a really fun decoration to have at your wedding. And seeing as they are edible they can also be dual purpose, so you are guaranteed to have happy guests.Centerpiece with MarshmallowsCredit:

There are several ideas you can use in this area that work well at a wedding venue:

Fill a large vase with marshmallows and use the marshmallows as a stand for artificial flowers - or continue the theme and stick large lollipops in the marshmallows instead. You can use this as a wedding table decoration or dot them around the venue on stands or small covered tables.Candy Jar as Wedding Table DecorationCredit:

Make the look cute and vintage with old fashioned jars of sweets. Bon bons, jelly beans, gum balls, coconut ice or whatever other childhood favorites you can think of. Trust me, the adults love this decoration as much as the kids!

Use the idea from this picture and decorate them up with large ribbons, or place them on pre-owned cake stands; you can get a lot of great containers from pre-owned and thrift stores.Iced Wedding Cake CookiesCredit:

Iced cookies are another firm favorite that can also serve as place names. If you aren't handy with a piping bag then you can simply blob on a small amount of icing and attach a small card name to the iced cookie. Add some in the middle of the table as well, or why not go for one big giant cookie as an inexpensive centerpiece.

Bring on the Bling

Customize Cheap & Plain Items

Silver branch wedding decorationCredit: of the most inexpensive ways to decorate a wedding venue or church is to add some bling to pretty plain objects.

It can be as simple as adding it to ribbon for pew or chair back bows, or you can add rhinestone buckles to a ribbon and tie it around a candle holder.

The picture here features a sprayed branch with added details in the firm of glittery butterflies. Kids craft sets are good places to look for cute little finishing touches, or look for broken jewelry and use pieces from there.

Faux pearls have been used in this decoration along with neutral colored Christmas decorations.Rhinestone and Diamond Table DecorationCredit:

Hairclips are also good pieces you can repurpose, or else use strings of sequins to wrap around the base of a centerpiece, or around a table for some instant bling.

Make them sparkle instantly by using fairy lights too; another great item for decorating on the cheap.

Buy large amounts of diamond vase filler, which is just like faux gems only less expensive. You can use this in so many ways, either in a vase as intended, scattered over the table with rose petals, or to jazz up any decoration you wish.

Back to Nature

Use Free Stuff from Nature

Nature is the cheapest and best storecupboard of all, so go on a few nature walks and get collecting!

One of the most popular items to utilize in both wedding and home decorating is using branches and twigs as decorations. As see above, you can spray paint them for a great decoration, or use them as they are for a more natural and rustic look.  A great way to make this look work for a more elegant wedding is to use small candles hanging from the branches, or of course you can wind battery-powered fairy lights around them.Halved Orange CandlesCredit:

Carved gourds are great for a fall wedding decoration and definitely aren't just for Halloween. Carving a pumpkin or squash is a relatively easy process with a stencil and the right tools, and for a wedding you could carve hearts, the date, or the bride and groom's names. If you have names for your tables then this serves a double purpose too as you could carve the table name into the gourd, and of course light it from within.Orange Candles Table DecorationCredit:

Another great look to try is making your own orange candles; I promise this isn't as hard as it sounds. Candle making wax is readily available, and you can add extra orange oil to it for a superb scent. Halve some oranges, scoop out the flesh, tip in the melted wax, add a wick, and hold this in place with a clothes peg. You are left with a superb decoration that also gives off a wonderful and appealing aroma. Use a selection of them together in the middle of the table, or let each guest have their own. As you can see from this picture, they are also well utilized as part of a decoration incorporating other nature elements such as pebbles, dry grass, twigs and orange flowers.


Fire & Ice

Two elements always guaranteed to look visual stunning are fire and ice. You can use both these elements as a theme, or else select one of these cheap ideas for your wedding.Water and Gems in VaseCredit:

Add faux gems and/or diamond vase filler (the ice) in a plan vase filled with water and you have a decoration that is ready to go. Of course you can then add flowers if you wish, leave it as is, or incorporate our next idea of floating candles.

Candles are always one to please and floating candles serve the purpose of looking good either day or night. Float them in a plain, wide, shallow dish, and you can even color the water with food coloring if you wish too.

Try incorporating both of these ideas together, with some stones or pebbles, or with the twigs and branches ideas given above. You can also make some stunning decorations for a wedding using tin cans.

Having wedding decorations on a budget does not have to mean missing out on style; in fact I think you'll agree that most of these looks are a lot more interesting than you've seen at most weddings. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions.