Of course wedding table flowers aren't nearly the most important about your wedding day, but you still want the wedding venue to look nice.

By the time you get around to thinking about this, costs are likely already mounting up. Florists can cost an awful lot of money for something that will not last. This doesn't mean that there aren't some creative solutions though. And do not worry if you don't possess flower arranging skills, there are some visually stunning ideas that will suit everyone.

Choose a Single Color...

and Submerge Flowers in the Water

Once nice and easy wedding table flower idea you can use is to just stick to one particular color. It can be different types of flowers, and many different shades, but essentially you just pick one main color to dominate. You could of course decide to use different colors for each table if you can't just settle on one theme color, and the look would be equally effective. This can also cut down on costs as you can just go with whatever flowers are in season rather than choosing something exotic that would cost a great deal more.Submerged FlowersCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tracyhunter/164578909/sizes/z/in/photostream/

By keeping everything the same, this then gives you more freedom in terms of the containers used to hold the flowers, or even how you arrange them. You can be as random as you want and it will still work because you have that central color.

One idea I particularly like is to have a collection of different sized vases and glasses on the glasses. Fit in whatever flowers you can (but leave enough room for the water), trimming to ensure that they aren't any taller than the glass. You can then fill them to the brim with water, pushing gently on the flowers to see that they are submerged.

To keep the flowers fresh you can also add a handful of crushed ice.

Forget Any Arranging - Use Plants

While the idea above doesn't require any artistic ability or flower arranging skills, it does mean that you have to put aside some time on the night before or on the morning of the wedding to get everything organized, which isn't always possible.Potted Plant(98758)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomtolkien/3576043397/sizes/z/in/photostream/

This is another idea that does not require any floristry skills, and doesn't even need you to give over any time on the day to arrangements. It does however need some planning, but that's something you seem to have to do plenty of for a wedding anyway.

You can either buy ready planted pots and decorate them, or indeed plant your own and nurture them in time for the big day. Most flowers work well for these, although I'd avoid roses and cacti for obvious prickly reasons, as people are going to be reaching over the table. The beauty of course is that houseplants don't depend on the weather so the season shouldn't restrict you too much here.

The flowers are the beauty already so you don't need to do any arranging. You could paint the pots, or merely tie a ribbon around the middle in your theme color and you are good to go.

This could also then double as a holder for candles or as a wedding table number holder.

Use Artificial Flowers

This might be considered a bit of a cheat, but really it depends on who is going to be doing the wedding table flowers as to if you consider this acceptable or not.Centerpiece with MarshmallowsCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomtolkien/3576043397/sizes/z/in/photostream/

There are some seriously good faux flowers around now, and if the decorating responsibility is falling to the bride or a member of the bridal party then they do not need the added stress of flower arranging the day before the big day, or the worry of keeping the flowers from drooping.

The stems are usually the giveaway on artificial or silk flowers, so I would suggest keeping those covered. Of course you can attempt a traditional arrangement and push the stems into dry oasis (florist foam), or you can do as I did and merely stick them in a clear vase with marshmallows as the support. I should point out that of course you can substitute the marshmallows for something like jelly beans or gumballs, which are equally well received.

This creates a fun look and is ridiculously easy too. Of course by the end of the evening your guests start to chomping on the marshmallows, but that's all part of the fun!

If You Are Really Pushed for Time

Or You Just Want Something Different

Here are a couple of other cute little ideas that you might want to try for your wedding table flowers, either as the main centerpiece or just as general table decorations.

One particularly cute (and inexpensive) idea is to use tin cans as a vase for some simple blooms. Make sure the tin can is shiny, or tie a big ribbon around the middle of it in your chosen color.Floating CandlesCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomtolkien/3576043397/sizes/z/in/photostream/

Why not forego the idea of flowers altogether and use floating candles instead? You could even purchase floating candles that are in the shape of flowers if you feel this is more appropriate, or color the water they float in to keep in with your color theme.

Flower petals look great scattered over the table top, or you could put this together with our first idea of submerging the flowers in water. If you use crushed ice and then a handful of petals, and layer it up that way you get a really great look - even when the ice is melted you can a uniform look to the petals. Or if you want it to stay looking that way you can use gardening gel or faux crystals instead - look out for diamond vase filler to create a stunning look.

Loops of ribbon placed on top of each other in a circular formation and then tied around the middle with another length of ribbon can also create some great blooms and can be made months in advance for some stress free preparation. Pile into the middle of the table as they are, or into a wide shallow bowl. You could also use one for each place setting.

If you have any other neat ideas to decorate the wedding table for brides to be then please let us know and drop a comment below.