Finding new ideas for window treatments allows you to change the look of your space inexensively. One of the easiest ways to modernize a room is just to get rid of old curtains and sheers. These elements can easily date a room and distract from more neutral decor. You might even be able to tell what decade a room is from just by the valances on the windows. Ideas for window treatments allow you to make your space modern or traditional. Just remember to line your window treatments if you want the exterior of your house to all look the same. Otherwise you'll have to change every window treatment in the house so they all match and where's the fun in that?

Window treatment decorating ideas can serve as artwork in the room. Look for a curtain panel that will hang completely flat. You can stencil metallic decorations down the center of the curtain and then add a strip border. This way you can coordinate with the existing fabric in the room and the wallpaper. Think of the window treatment as a canvas that is as tall as your room and then decide what you want it to say about you and your design sensibilities.

Hunter Douglas window treatments allow you to get custom window treatments. You can even find window treatments controlled by a remote so you don't have to hassle opening and closing them. While this might seem like a luxury, it's essential if you have windows in a room with high ceilings. You'll also be able to find energy efficient window treatments to keep out the cold and heat. The right window treatments can even help keep your furniture from fading.

When you head to the window treatment store you'll see the same drapes in several different colors. It can be difficult to choose between gold, taupe and copper so just take them all home. You can cut the window treatments in thirds and then sew them back together to create alternating stripes. This is a great alternative if you can't find window treatments to match your color palette, make your own by combining solid fabrics. This allows you to get away with almost any color palette in a room because you'll be able to tie everything together; even if it's never been done before.

Instead of going with the typical over the top window treatment in a little girls' room try a more sophisticated valance window treatment paired with a roman shade. You can use two different patterns like toile on the shade and a stripe on the valance. Stick with a straight valance that has a simple pleat in the center to keep your room looking elegant.

You can redefine window treatments by changing the way you use fabrics. Sure, you probably have seen white sheers on windows throughout your life time. You can create a valance that hangs halfway down the window. The sheer fabric will even allow you to work around an arched window. Tie the fabric to decorative knobs and leave plenty of fabric in between for an ethereal look that can also be romantic.

Decorative window treatments don't need to be functional. You can apply these treatments over unsightly blinds or on windows where you want to let in a lot of light but you still want a window treatment. You can find string curtains that have a retro and contemporary vibe to them. Go with a bright color for a teen's room such as orange. You can even use the curtains as a closet door or to divide the workspace from the sleeping area. These window treatments will be the focal point of the room so keep the rest of the room neutral. Make sure that the color of the window treatments is tied in with the bedding. The rest of the room can be a more neutral color like white or cream. This window treatment will draw the focus in the room so use it in a space that lacks a certain design style or architectural elements.

The curtain rod can work with your overall theme. For a modern room try a clip and cable system for an industrial element in the room. If you have a country or natural theme find a curtain rod that looks like a tree branch. You can just change out the finials on your existing curtain rod for added interest. Try a blown glass finial for a modern room or stick with a silver seashell finial for a beach themed room. It's the small accents that really show how detailed and pulled together your design aesthetic is. Not all types of curtains will work on all curtain rods and you still need to be able to open and close your window treatments. Make your own decorative rings for the top of curtains by showcasing a favorite collection of bangle bracelets or beading your own rings to show off your jewelry making skills.

Tie the window treatment into your curtain rod, literally. Curtain tie backs add a decorative element to your room while allowing you a way to keep your windows open. You can install wrought iron metal holders on the wall of a traditional room or look for curtain holders that resemble antique glass door knobs. The curtain tie back can also work with the overall theme of your room such as making a series of wooden hearts and teddy bears for a nursery. For a rustic room try using leather belts to hold your curtains in place. Tassels are traditional for curtain tie backs and add a sense of formality to the room. For a touch of glamour try stringing an oversized costume necklace around the window treatments. You can use a hook to anchor it to the wall.

Use ideas for window treatments to redefine how you look at a space. Window treatments can add privacy and style to your room. It's an area to bring in pattern and color because curtains are fairly inexpensive and simple to change out.