There are so many ways that a person can make money. And yes, I may not be the one to ask because I am not making thousands of dollars…YET! My biggest problem is not that I don’t have enough ideas that could make thousands, even millions, but that I have too many ideas and I spend too much time spread out over all of them. This leads to not having one that takes off, but all of them slowing picking up over time. Hopefully this will pay off in the long run, but for now, it hasn’t.

So why am I writing this article? How could these ideas help you? I’m not too sure. I just know that these ideas that I have in my head can come to fruition through hard work and focus. It’d be best for you to take one of these ideas and then run with it. Don’t do what I’m doing and spread them all over the place and not see quicker outcomes. Focus on one.

The Idea Bank

Listed below you’ll find an assortment of ideas that may help you create a nice income in the next months and years.

1.    Create a Brand Around Yourself

What do I mean by this? Well, you have a passion. And if you don’t know your passion, find it. There are many ways to find it, but there are plenty of podcasts and blogs talking about how to find it, so I won’t talk about it here. But when you find your passion, run with it. Expand on your passion and feed it by living that passion.

Then take that passion that you have and make it you. Make it everything you do. Make it everything that everybody knows you for. You can do this by creating your own website/blog and podcast or by joining Facebook and Twitter and getting gigs that way. Either way, you will get people knowing you for what you do...your passion.

2.    Create Funny Merchandise

Everybody loves funny stuff; especially posters, mug, and T-shirts that have a phrase or picture that makes them crack up. If you create your own unique phrases or pictures or comics (like The Oatmeal) that people really enjoy, then you’ll make thousands of dollars from your merchandise.

3.    Create an Online Business and Community

I put these two together because every business today should be supporting or committing to creating a community around their business. So you could make tons of money if you started your own online business and created a community around it. The goal here is not to make lots and lots of money, but to help as many people as possible. This is the key to your success. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the people.

4.    Invent Something

This is pretty explanatory. Find a problem and invent a solution; whether that’s a product or even a service. Good luck!

5.    Write a Book

This is a huge source of passive income. As everybody can see, the publishing industry is changing dramatically. So this may be your chance to shine. You could write your own hardcover book or you could write tons of eBooks. It all depends upon what you want.

6.    Create WordPress Themes and Sell Them

If you’re a web designer and developer, a good way to make some other passive income could be to create a bunch of WordPress Themes and put them up on a site to sell to people. This will create a growth of income that continues for a long time. is a great place to place your themes in a marketplace. They take 30% from you, so it might be better to create your own website, but it’s up to you.

7.    Come Out with a YouTube Hit

Sometimes there comes along a video or song that goes viral on Youtube. If it goes viral on Youtube, you can expect to see opportunities to advertise or grow from just that viral video. Sometimes things can be turned into a song and sold on iTunes. If many people enjoy it, then you’ll make that much wealth.

8.    Design a T-shirt for Threadless is place where you can buy tons of user-designed T-shirts. They hold contests to see who can come up with the more creative T-shirt, then the community votes on the best one. Then Threadless buys the design from the winner for $2000 + $500 in-store credit. This allows for anybody to put for a design and have a chance to win. Then Threadless sells those T-shirts to whoever wants one. You could put forth tons of your own creative designs and make a couple thousand in the process.

9.    Create a Ton of Niche Sites

Niche sites are websites devoted to specific customers and their interest. It could be airplane motors or cat-nip, but the best niches are those that a lot of people are interested in without getting too general. Then build your website around this niche, gather a large amount of traffic to your site, and then start to monetize it through Adsense, commercial banners, or even your own e-products.

10. Become a Matte Painter

This is an interesting career field. And if you’re good, then you could be bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. But you first must learn how to become a matte painter. But if you do, and you practice, this could be an amazing career for anybody interested in art and film.


So these are just a few ideas off of the top of my head. There are many ways to make money, whether that’s online or in the real world. But hopefully you will find some of these ideas interesting and you can choose one to follow. Remember, don’t be like me and spread yourself too thin. Then none of your ideas will come to fruition. Take one idea, whether that’s turning your passion into a brand or going out into the real world and learning how to design and develop WordPress themes. The best of luck to you!