There are so many things you can do to make the bride-to-be have an enjoyable Bachelorette party or 'hens' night as we call it in Australia. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Things You Will Need

Organize a night or weekend getaway for you and the girls. If you're on a tight budget, why not organize a slumber party at one of the girl's houses, or lash out and stay in an apartment or hotel. Work out approximately what everybody's budget is so you can work within that. You can keep the costs down by delegating different girls to bring different things, or working out the approximate total cost and splitting it between all the guests. Whilst on your weekend getaway you can either all book in advance and go to a day spa or simply bring the day spa with you on your weekend away. (eg) Bring with you different nail polishes, different face / foot masques, massage oil, and pamper each other. If it's within your budget - to add some clean fun to your weekend or night away hire a topless waiter to serve you and your girls food all night whilst you get pampered.

Organize all the girls to do the following:
Pole dancing lessons (lots of fun, for all ages, see granny or your mom wrap themselves around a pole)

Artistic Hen (get your creative side out and draw your man...)

Have dinner at a Themed Restaurant

Scrapbook - get all the girls to bring a photo of themselves with the the bride-to-be and get everybody to take a trip down memory lane. Once finished bind the pages together as a gift for the bride.

Hire a Limo or a Hummer and cruise to your bride's favorite nightspot

Ask the Groom questions and see if the Bride can guess his answers (what's the Grooms favorite food, favorite drink, TV show, movie, color etc)

Whilst out and about give the Bride tasks to do (get a free shot, take a photo with a man in uniform etc)

Get all the girls to spend $5 on a special or funny present for the newly weds for their wedding night

Go to a girly concert.

There is so much fun to be had.
Recommend asking the Bride-To-Be to list 5 or 6 activities that she would like to do.

Recommend keeping all of the activities a secret from all the guests (it makes it sooo much more fun)

Recommend having at least one point of contact, one person in charge, normally the Maid of Honor or the Matron of Honor so that everybody knows who to contact to find out what is happening.

Recommend the Bride-To-Be provide a contact list including phone, email and relationship (ie how does the Bride know this person) to the organizer to ensure all the correct people are invited.

Tips & Warnings