A backyard wedding on a budget does save you time, but it's also going to be more stressful. Not only do you have to worry about getting your wedding day look together, you'll also have to remember to mow the lawn. However, you don't want it to be so fresh that it stains your dress or high heels sink into it. However, if you really need to save money, and are brave enough to deal with it potentially raining, this is definitely the way to go.

Wedding Receptions on a Budget

Backyard weddings do require special considerations. You might not be able to have a DJ or loud music. This is both because of your budget, space considerations, and the neighbors might complain. For this type of event consider going with CDs of classic music. You're also going to have to consider what you're going to do with all of that wedding stuff for cheap that you pick up after your big day is over.

You can give away some of the items to your guests or bridal party. However, you also might want to try reselling it on eBay. Be aware that you shouldn't count the possible resell value into your budget. If you aren't able to sell the items then you may have to end up keeping them or even donating them. This is why it makes sense to decorate with items that you can use in your yard or garden later on. One big trend that can work in both home decor as well as weddings will be the idea of lower plant boxes. You could fill these full of garden seedlings that you can plant later on. If you have a Tuscan style wedding you could even include herbs that your guests can take home as favors later. As far the planter box goes consider trying out a crate design for a rustic style wedding. You can stencil names and dates on it. It could be merely decorative and you can always break it down when the wedding is over. You know how some people plan their weddings around which flowers they want?

Instead, you can plan yours around which plants you want to use as your centerpiece. At times you can even find hydrangeas at Wal-Mart. This bring in purples, blues, and greens which can be the base of your entire bouquet. Just change the cheesy foil wrapping for some burlap fabric tied with ribbon and twine and then you have your centerpiece. The quality of this probably isn't high enough to use for your bouquet but it does really cut down on the costs of your wedding flowers. You can even integrate this into the invitation so that it creates an entire theme.

You can also go with larger potted plants to help section off unsightly areas of the yard or simply add ambiance. One way that you can do this is with topiaries and there's a different type for every wedding. In fact if you want rose topiaries, sometimes they are so convincing that it can be faux. Then you can move it into the house later on and it will be a part of shabby chic decor. You also might want to choose oversized urns. This adds an elegant look that will work with almost any type of garden decor later on. Daisies will typically be your least expensive wedding flower. Try changing out the typical terra cotta pot for a metal pail for an instant country centerpiece.

Places for Wedding Receptions: Look Outside

When trying to find places for wedding receptions you might dream of a grand ballroom or even a destination wedding on a tropical island. Then your budget quickly brings you back to reality. Having an outdoor wedding isn't suitable for all climates. Plus, then you're only going to be able to fit a certain number of people and usually these events take place during the day. However, if you can fit your dream wedding within those parameters you can save tons of money.

Cheap Backyard Wedding Ideas

One thing that you'll have to provide yourself or have catered is the food. This is really the disadvantage to having it at your own home instead of the reception hall. Just make sure that you don't add too many responsibilities to your list. Remember that your job for the day is to be the bride, or the family member of the bride.

One cute idea can be the idea of a lemonade stand. Make different versions of orange, or raspberry lemonade and keep them cool. Even if you just look for soda that comes in glass bottles instead of plastic ones this seems very vintage. Create your own paper labels.

Refreshments are a must for outdoor events. Look for large metal pails and fill them with ice for a refreshment that your guests can really grab at any time. Backyard bbq weddings can feel a little bit too informal. However, if you're really trying to save money then just try to keep it elegant. Plus, if everyone is sick of the typical bland wedding food then this can be a fun option. You can even try to class it up a little bit with paper cones to hold fries. Just make sure you have enough napkins or skip the bbq sauce. Then you might want to serve individual pies instead of just cake.

Simple Backyard Wedding Ideas

One area where you can really save money is on your dress. For a casual day wedding we are seeing shorter dresses for bridesmaids as well as the bride. This can save you hundreds of dollars; just make sure that it still feels like your wedding dress instead of a typical sundress.

The other advantage to throwing a back yard wedding is that it's slightly more casual. This means you could even set up an ice-cream station or sundae area. Serve your guests homemade ice-cream sandwiches instead of cake. Keep all of these ideas in your wedding color palette but this is a fun idea that both kids and adults will love. Look for old fashioned candy scoops and porcelain jars to store all the fixings. You could even try relabeling the ice-cream to keep it within the theme.

Another idea for a cheap backyard wedding is going to be the idea of bunting which has been very popular in the crafting world for all sorts of different occasions lately. These triangular banners allow you to add a festive air to your backyard. It could even be made out of chic lace or floral fabrics for a shabby chic look. Using this fabric idea instead of a lot of paper streamers or balloons which are common for outdoor events keeps the space feeling elegant.