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A new trend when a family is expecting is to have a “family baby shower” or to have separate baby showers for moms and dad to be.  There are a plethora of activities for a traditional shower, and nearly all can be set for a daddy shower.  Candidates for a daddy shower can be first time dads, those dads who are extremely involved in the pregnancy and baby planning or even more experienced dads who may have a string of girls in their family and are having their first son, or vice versa.

When looking at the possibility of a new dad shower, the hosts can be a couple that is friends with the expectant parents.  If a traditional shower is the choice, the dad shower can be held simultaneously if desired.  Sending invitations with information about the theme is also helpful.

A fun daddy game includes setting up an obstacle course with the baby at the end to bring the baby to mom for feeding.  Adding a recording of a baby screaming is a nice touch to this game.  To make things more realistic are to have the room pitch dark or blindfold the dad to be.  The dad with the fastest time would be crowned the winner.  The winner can win a daddy diaper kit, complete with a manly bag, tool belt equipped with diaper rash ointment, clothes pin and goggles. 

Nothing but the best refreshments should be offered at a daddy shower.  This is not the environment for finger sandwiches.  If sandwiches are planned, go with a six foot long sub or longer.  Take a hint from tailgating parties for refreshments!  If it involves the grill and fire, you are on the right track!

Every shower needs gifts in order to be complete.  When sending out the invitations, keep this in mind.  You can specify gag gifts and/or regular gifts.  One gift that every new daddy would love is matching daddy and baby ties.  New dad t-shirts, manly baby accessories, and parenting books designed for dads are all also appropriate.

New dads appreciate having some celebration as their lives are about to change as well.  Many times, dads are somewhat left out of many of the baby plans, and having either a family or daddy shower can be a way to involve the new daddy and have some fun at the same time!  Generally, there is a lot more ability to be flexible with a new dad shower than there would be for a traditional baby shower.