A princess kids room can be a fun theme for a little girl. This is very whimsical. It also uses a lot of the traditional fabrics and color palettes for girls but can still be sophisticated. This can be an inexpensive style even though it does look very luxurious. In kids rooms oftentimes the focus is on paint as well as fun accessories, which really aren't going to break the bank. You may have always dreamed of one of these rooms as a kid, but it just wasn't in the budget or wasn't realistic. Now, you can give your own child this kind of space. However, you will need to make sure that this is what they really want and get their input as well. It is their room after all.

Every princess needs a crown. You can do this simply just by putting an oversized wall sticker up. You can often find these pieces customized with names that are ready to go. Just make sure that it's in the color palette of the room. Another option would be to display different tiaras or crowns. Of course, you can use leftovers from a beauty pageant or you can also pick them up quite inexpensively at thrift stores or even the dollar store. You can make this seem a lot more important by placing the items on shelves. There are a lot of modern shelves that come in the form of cubbies. In this case, you could just put one up for each crown for a visual kind of display. Since these are fun pieces make sure that these items are easily accessible for your child to pull off the wall and play with for dress up time.

If you want a little bit of variation then try a character room. There are a lot of different stories within this kind of genre. This could be a Disney princess or a fairy tale princess. Another option would be to base it on the life of a real princess to really get involved in history and go for more of a medieval kind of effect. This will open up a lot of different color palettes in rich purples, reds, and blues. It will definitely be different than all the other styles of this room on the block.

Another thing that you need for this theme is a lot of sparkle. In fact you could even try painting the furniture with a metallic kind of paint although this can be very expensive. It can have the look of gold and silver and can replicate a lot of high-end furniture that's very popular for adults. You can also bring in chandeliers, beaded curtains, or rhinestones onto decorative accessories. You can also look for oversized faux gems that can be the base decoration for your cornice box or window treatments. You can try gluing these items to your drawer handles for a very cohesive look in the space.

The bed should really be over the top. A four poster bed is traditional. However, if you have slanted ceilings or a ceiling fan then this might not be a reality. Instead, you can try going with more of a canopy type. This is made out of fabric. You will need to follow proper safety precautions because it is for a child. These are quite inexpensive and it can add a more romantic look to your basic furniture.

The bedding for this kind of space can go in a lot of different directions. For instance you could try going with character or theme bedding. This is really essential if your little one is in love with a favorite movie. Plus, this is quite inexpensive. Another option would be to go really feminine with a pink fabric with lots of ruffles and a chiffon overlay. Just make sure that it's easy to clean and take care of. You could also just use this as an opportunity to tone things down a little bit. Just go for a solid colored pillow. This adds softness to the room but it really isn't the focal point just because there is already so much going on in the space.

Balance is also really important. If you have a lot of traditional princess kind of motifs and themes going on in your space then you can experiment with the color palette a lot. You can even do some faux painting techniques to mimic oversized brick. This could look like the inside of a castle. This could be in grays, or you could go with a lighter look with a lot of different taupes and creams. You may just want to do this on one wall so it doesn't seem too busy. This is also going to save you a lot of time. If you are venturing out from basic silhouettes then you really need to get your theme across with color. In this case you want to stick with traditional roses and pinks. If you want this to look a little trendier then go with a hot pink or a fuchsia.

One thing that's very important is to get your daughter's take on what a princess means. She may have a lot of different versions of what this means. You can also have a lot of fun just by including Halloween costumes and creating a dress up area. You might even want to put in a reading nook where she can reach her favorite books. Just make sure that you have a lot of oversized pillows for comfort. This could be an entire loft or just a simple window seat or bench. This style of theme is all about dreaming and imagination so really embrace this in your design while still keeping the function of the space.

You can have a lot of fun with the artwork in your space. This could be an entire mural complete with castles. Another thing that you can do is just go with different pictures of real life castles for more of a graphic effect. Have fun with photos of knights armor and thrones to get a more realistic feeling.