Teens are typically the most tough among us to impress. Too old for quite a few of the theme party ideas that often appeal to younger youngsters and not very old enough yet to appreciate some of the far more entertaining adult party themes, teens are difficult to please when it comes to birthday parties. However, there are several choices available for awesome teen birthday parties that can go down in the record books.

If you're searching for something a little new and diverse to do this year, try a Remarkable Race sort of scavenger hunt for your teen's birthday. Be certain to have interesting prizes and a gift for the birthday boy or girl to give.

This is really a party that needs to be planned ahead of time as permission may possibly want to be given by parents for a few of the more exciting scavenged items. It is also a good notion to discuss this with other parents as they might have a couple of wonderful suggestions for items that ought to be obtained in search of the holy birthday party Amazing Race grail.

Regarding the prizes themselves, try to keep them simple and fun and keep the objectives for every leg of the race challenging. Of course, you'll want to arrange the challenges so that they can be accomplished without risking life and limb. Be sure that there's a little more to the challenge than having to go from one house or store to the next and purchase, beg, or borrow items. Make a few of the items issues that should be carefully considered and well planned on behalf of the winning team. This makes the entire process much more fun for everyone along with a birthday party theme that will be remembered.

Probably the most essential thing to bear in mind when planning a party like this would be to keep safety a first priority. If possible, it really is probably best to divide into teams and have one adult per team (even if the teens are old enough to drive). You absolutely need to make certain that the parents of each and every teen involved is conscious of what is going to be going on and that you have emergency contact data for everyone.

Finish the event with pizza, cake, and video footage (that you planned ahead of time) of the festivities from one location to the next. It ought to make for an outstanding night to keep in mind not only for your teen but for all of the other teens involved in your Amazing Race birthday party as well.

Keep in mind that this sort of party is a lot more costly then some other parties may be (unless you plan very carefully). You also might consider arranging several crafty activities within the Amazing Race itself or as a component of the scavenger hunt to be able to prolong a few of the events and hand out disposable cameras to every team to be able to "capture" some memories and generate a scrapbook of the Wonderful Race (remember, you can call the race whatever you want). In case you have a scanner and printer, you'll also be able to make a scrapbook for each guests to take back home.

The most essential thing about a party of this sort is that you use your imagination. The Amazing Race party has the absolute potential to be a special memory for your teen and his or her buddies for years to come. Go with the flow and remember that it is about providing an enjoyable event and you shouldn't go wrong.