Having a patio or a deck can add a lot of value to your home and also make you the envy of your neighbors. The extra seating is great however all that extra space now need some patio lights so your hard work can be enjoyed all hours of the day and night. Outdoor lighting like this is virtually endless in styles, sizes, colors and application so to narrow it down for you this article will go over a few good lighting ideas that offer different feels.

A basic patio that many people construct is simply a wide open flat surface of cement or pavers and other similar materials. An effective lighting scheme is to use lights more commonly applied to drive ways. These light up the surface area for walking but don't require large intrusive poles or other structures to hang lights from. If all you have is a flat surface there is really nothing else that needs to be lit up. One particular product is the Progress Lighting P5210-31. It is a basic hard wired pathway light that accents any patio and is made of sturdy cast aluminum.

Another more pricey alternative is a classical post lamp. While these can be expensive you usually will only need one if your patio is small enough. They can give off pretty bright light in about a 20 foot radius. Typical models retail for between 200 and 400 dollars and installation is comparable to that of other hardwired lighting. Some models are solar powered and have delay sensors so they only come on at night. One particular model at www.bellacor.com is the Manor House outdoor post light. It retails for about 330 dollars and comes in a satin black finish.

Besides the models mentioned in this article there are thousands of lighting choices on the market. Before making yourself crazy looking at lights you should first analyze what you will need the light fixtures for. Casual use to a patio that is not that large will not require intricate and expensive lighting schemes. You can also utilize models that aren't specifically designed for patios or decks.