Don't Overstress

Shopping birthday gifts for men shouldn't be too difficult a task. We're straightforward and like to make our desires clear and noticeable. You could just go up to the man you're shopping for and ask him what he wants, but if you're trying to surprise him with a gift, just watching him and looking for clues might also be a good way to know what he wants, or needs. There are gag gifts, sports memorabilia, electronics and practical gifts like tools and equipment that would serve as adequate gifts ideas for the average man. But within those categories, it's best to stick with what he's most passionate with. So of course, if he's a big sports fan and has a favorite team, something along the sports memorabilia category would be perfect. If he enjoys building and constructing things, maybe a gift certificate to Lowes or Home Depot could be his next gift. And if he's always working on computers and has a lot of electronic gadgets, then something from Best Buy or Circuit City are obvious stores you'd go to shop for his birthday present. Of course, everyone needs clothing so they'd make decent gifts as well.

business menCredit: Jan Willem Geertsma

A new twist

Ties are classic gifts for men yet are usually the last resort when it comes to gift shopping. Typically, when someone gives a tie, it's probably understood they ran out of gift ideas. When you have no clue on what to give a man for his birthday, you just run to the nearest JCPenny and grab one of these formal dress accessories. I'm not saying a tie is a bad gift idea, it's just a gift most men can expect from someone once a year. You could, however, personalize the tie by including photos like a newborn son or daughter, or he and his family featured on it. You can create a photo collage that'll put a new twist on a classic gift. It might be a little strange and redundant if you just simply put his own photo on the tie (unless he's an egomaniac and self-absorbed), so members of his family or even items like cars or boats - anything he's into might be a better choice and add value to his personalized tie. This would also be a great gift idea for a boyfriend or husband.

Cross the end-zone with your gift

If he's a big sports fan, and often has parties to accompany sporting events, then a new grill or cooking utensils would be great gift choices. If he enjoys hosting fun Super Bowl parties at home, maybe a nice tailgating cooler with his favorite team displayed would be his next gift. Novelty football items or whichever sport he's into could include shirts, watches, keychains, mugs, dollar clips and a bunch of other stuff. The best birthday gift, though, might include tickets to an actual game. Spending time with the man you love at his favorite sporting event will surely let him know how much you appreciate him.

Self-improvement gift

Reading material like books directed toward men or men's magazine subscription are other good gift ideas. If he's a Christian, there are plenty of books concerning religion and men that will help him in his faith. John Eldredge and Jim George are popular authors who specialize in Christian books. From how to deal with women to achieving a more personal relationship with Jesus, these authors, along with others, are good ways to keep him grounded in his faith. Magazine subscriptions could include Men's Journal, Men's Fitness or Men's Health; GQ and Esquire are other notable magazines that could be presented as gifts. But if you're searching for Christian magazines for a young man, Relevant is a periodical aimed toward 20-something men or women. They usually have reviews of the latest in Christian music and offer inspirational articles for those living the faith. There are other magazines and books that can speak to whatever topic the man you're shopping for is interested in.

The sure-thing gift

Finding the perfect gift for a man, again, shouldn't be too hard, but if you're still having trouble, gift cards to general stores can make a perfect gift for any occasion, to any man. That, in fact, may turn into the next "go-to" gift (after ties) when people can't decide on what to purchase. The only difference is that they are far more superior as they allow the recipient to choose whatever gift he wants within a specific monetary limit. So next time you go shopping and can't figure out what to give, go with a sure-thing and choose the gift card. Otherwise, these other choices also can serve as great birthday gifts.

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