Make your weddings pop

When you think of a wedding, you usually picture elegant decorations with fancy designs all around the area. The people are dressed in their Sunday best to honor the two walking down the aisle. Some of the finest foods are offered with a decadent multi-tiered cake posing as the centerpiece on the main table. There may even be an ice sculpture somewhere gaining the attention of all the guests. But typically, balloons aren't always the first image to pop up (sorry for the wording) when someone announces they're getting hitched. Some people generally associate balloons with birthday parties or other informal events, but a balloon can give a wedding a unique, playful style that'll make it stand out from among the crowd. Some people form wedding arches with balloons; the arch sometimes seen as an aged wedding addition (they've been around forever), but balloons can give that ancient structure a new twist. Wedding balloons give off that festive aura that matches the celebration of the two becoming one in marriage.

balloonsCredit: Milca Mulders

A world of possibilities

Balloons can be used as wedding table decorations. The more balloons you have the more festive and attractive your wedding can appear. If you have a color theme to your wedding, balloons will help accentuate that color theme. Most themes have a pale color mixed with the color white; it could be pink, blue, green or red. Just as long as it's coupled with white balloons, it'll give your wedding that pure style that marriages represent.

The balloon bank

You can find latex balloons wholesale which will save you a lot of money. You can also find heart-shaped balloons with writing to fit the occasion. You can use link-o-loons to build wedding arches. All you need to do is fill the balloons with helium and tie them together with the extended attachment to make your wedding arches look like they're floating in the wind. These can be as complex or as simple as you want it. You could have balloons of different colors intertwining with each other, giving your arch an elaborate look. Or just keep it simple with a single line of balloons forming one arch. After the ceremony is over with, the kids can pop your wedding arches for fun. No need keeping something that'll deflate in a day or two as a wedding souvenir.

The microscopic balloon

You can create unique wedding table centerpieces with you're balloons. You could find a large clear balloon and insert smaller colored balloons inside and place them at each table adding to the wow factor of your wedding. You could also construct colorful balloon columns at different places in the reception area so people can view while eating. If you're creative enough, you could create words with dozens of miniature balloons that people will see as they enter the room. It could be a greeting of some sort or a name. Conversely you could find foil balloons that are letter-shaped to make it a bit easier. Just let the imagination run wild when it comes to balloon decorations.

Call the balloon specialists

So, if you're at a loss as to what to do for a theme when your wedding day arrives, don't dismiss using balloons as a viable option. They're fun, playful and easy to use as extra decoration items for your event. They are also inexpensive as they can be bought by the 100s wholesale. There are plenty of online retailers that specialize in wedding balloons, and you can also find link-o-loon kits that will help you construct whatever object you're trying to make. Whether it's a wedding arch, an oversized balloon heart or balloon columns, they make it quick and easy designing for your wedding. Just get it done with and move to more important items of your wedding, like the vows.

image by Milca Mulders/stock.xchng