Hollywood Party

Planning a Hollywood themed party can end up being a very cinematic experience. Whether you're hosting a party for a teenager or a party with you and your adult friends, using all the glitz and glam the Hollywood experience offers for your next event will surely give everyone a unique and memorable time. Hollywood is an American institution that's been around for a long time. And with that being the case, there are many versions of Hollywood themed parties that you could choose for your event. You could go old school and have it be a classic Hollywood party with guests dressing up as memorable actors and actresses like John Wayne or Elizabeth Taylor. You might even get a group to come as the Rat Pack. Conversely, you could choose the modern route and everyone would come dressed up as the actors and actresses that are hot today: Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston - it'd be like going to the Academy Awards.

The classic party

The classic Hollywood party would be great for a 50th birthday party or a retirement party. For your decorations you might have posters of popular movies featured on the walls with movie reels scatter here and there. Also include posters of palm trees and sandy beaches so everyone would think they're in Los Angeles. There are plenty of Hollywood themed balloons that could be used at your event as well. And if you really wanted to transform your room you could use scene setters which are wall decorations that you'd use sticky tack to apply to your walls. These in combination with room rolls will encompass an entire wall making it a perfect replica of a popular Hollywood location.

hollywood sign(44577)Credit: Fellipe Silva

Mix it up

To make the Hollywood party a bit more interesting, you could have everyone come as favorite characters instead of the actual actors. That would include costumes such as the Gladiator or Braveheart. Maybe someone would come swooping in with a Wonder Woman costume, taking a break from fighting injustice to partying with her friends. If you and your friends love western movies, there are tons of cheap western decor items to be found, and you'd have people come as Wyatt Earp or Lt. John Dunbar from Dances with Wolves.

Hollywood games

Some games would include Hollywood trivia, movie charades and costume voting to see who has the best. Here are a few others:

  • You could add photography into a game by seeing who can make the best pose, then you'd have people vote on their favorites.
  • If watching the Academy Awards, have people guess who the winner will be in each category. Whoever gets the most correct number of guesses at the end of the show wins.
  • The Hollywood trivia could be played in an interview format where a guest would be ask various questions concerning the actor he's impersonating. If doing this, it might be a good idea to let people know ahead of time so they can study!

Not for extreme fanatics

A Hollywood theme for a party is a fun way to idolize your favorite Hollywood actor or actress without it seeming too weird. Of course, if you dress up as a Hollywood actor on a daily basis, and sometimes can track their current location when asked, then that might be going a bit too far. But for the average movie buffs, these events can be an exciting way to get together with friends and share your movie knowledge.

image by Fellipe Silva/stock.xchng