How many times have you seen a celebrity outfit and you think, wait a minute, that is easy. Yes, you can create your own costume with a little help from your current wardrobe. In today's world, there have been a lot of talks about going green. You are encouraged to recycle and think of the environment when you are throwing things out. You have been told to walk instead of taking your car. There have been others who have said that travelling to far exotic locations is damaging to the environment. You want to participate and help reduce global warming. How do you achieve this? You could recycle your old t-shirt or jeans instead of buying new ones. You don't have to be Yves Saint Laurent or Jean Gaultier to be creative. Everyone has a little bit of creativity. How do you go about it?

Used t-shirt: If you have two t-shirts, for example you have one red and the other black, you can cut both into top half and bottom half. You then sew the upper half to the bottom half of the other t-shirt. That is to say you will sew the top half of the red t-shirt to the bottom half of the black t-shirt and vice versa. This will give you a beautiful combination of two new t-shirts. You can also cut older t-shirt with a round neck to a v-neck shaped t-shirt.

Used jeans: With a pair of jeans, you can cut the trouser and hereby reduce the length. You are left with a nice pair of shorts. You can also create some artistic patch work on your pair of jeans. If you have old clothes, there is nothing stopping you from cutting them into various shapes and sew them to your jeans as patches. This will add more flair to your jeans and reflect your creative personality.

Used Skirts: You can use an old skirt and turn it into a bag. This idea will be great if you have a skirt made of jeans or other tissue that are resistant. You cut off the lower half of your skirts. You use the cut off tissue to create handles for your bag. You sew the bottom of your skirt together and attach the handles to the top where the waistline is. That is all you need to do to create a lovely bag to go with your outfit.