Productivity in the workplace can improve if employers are able to improve employee morale. Long gone are the days when employees faithfully stuck by their employers for 30-40 years before retiring. It will only get worse if employers continue to not know how to motivate their employees. Improving workplace morale is a key reason in keeping employees working happily for a longer period.

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These days statistics show that people will change their jobs once or twice every five years. People feel they are becoming overworked and undercompensated and they are trying to find alternative ways to make a living so as not to punch in the usual 9 to 5 work hours. What is to become of the workplace if so many employees are unhappy with their job? Employers should try using some of the ideas below for boosting morale.


Once and a while people like being rewarded for the hard work they have put in to their employer. Companies can reward employees by allowing them to leave a couple of hours early on a Friday afternoon without having it count against vacation or sick hours. You can bet that if employers told their employees that they can leave early on a Friday if they finished every single bit of their work for the week, they will get it all done with no qualms and they will work harder to get those things done.

If giving employees “free” time off is not possible, bring treats, snacks or even lunch to the office as a way to reward employees. In some offices certain weeks of the year are very busy or challenging. Having treats or lunch waiting for them in the break room or bringing them by each desk might give them more energy and incentive to keep working through those busy times.


Everyone likes recognition once in a while for a job well done. Employers can choose to recognize their best workers in public or in private. In public, employers can announce a job well done by employees during a staff meeting or through a work newsletter. In private, employers can give their employees a small handwritten note expressing how much they appreciate the hard work demonstrated by that employee. Recognize employees for their yearly anniversary, completing a big project, closing a sale, perfect attendance, keeping everyone in good spirits, etc. Employees want to feel appreciated and recognizing them in various ways helps them to see that their employer really does care.

Professional Development

When employees show an interest in the work they are doing, they are usually willing to learn more to help the company meet its goals. Giving employees the opportunity to attend professional development meetings or events can enhance their performance. If it’s not possible to allow the employee out of the office for one or two professional development events, employers should look at bringing these types of opportunities to their employees and schedule some time for attendance during office hours or shortly after the work day. Employers should find out what employees' interests are and find a way to work with those interests to keep employees engaged.

If employers can not pay to bring outside opportunities, they should look within the company to seek other departments or people with some expertise that can help their employees add to their skill set and interest in the company.

Allow for Contribution

Employees want to feel included in office decisions. They don’t necessarily need to be a part of every decision, but allow for employee suggestions on a few items so that they can feel that they belong to a part of the company. Employers should look to developing committees that involve decisions on various items that will directly affect the office and employees. If implementing a new office process, set up a committee for those interested in making contributions to develop a way in which the new process is put into practice.

Contributions from employees can vary in degree. Allowing employees to vote on a new coffee pot for the office or being allowed to sit in on interviews to assess if the candidate will fit in with the group are small things that will help boost morale.

Encouragement of New Ideas

Engaged employees take pride in their company. Employers should encourage their employees to speak up about their ideas on processes in place. Sometimes employees have great ideas on handling certain office tasks because they are the ones constantly working in that environment.

Begin encouraging new thoughts with positive usernames and passwords. Research shows that positive thinking will affect one's quality of life in everything they take part in (i.e. home life, work life, personal life, etc.). If employers need to log in to accounts multiple times a day, make sure they are typing in positive work affirmations of their choosing.

Be Flexible

Some work doesn’t need completion during the hours from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. Companies should look at ways in becoming more flexible with their employees if they can do so. Telecommuting for a few days might be something that can work for both employers and employees. Allowing employees to work a half hour lunch, so that they may come in a half hour later or leave a half hour late might work well, too. Employers should trust their employees and carry out a few of these ideas for a test run. If all goes well, set up this new schedule as part of the work day requirements.

Promote from Within

When a new vacancy opens, employers should look to their very own employees and see if any one of them desires to move up and receive a promotion. Promoting from within is a huge incentive for employees. Many employees leave their company for higher pay or more variety and responsibility. Helping employees meet their goals is something that employers should really seek to put into action.

Allow Time for Fun

Work can become redundant sometimes or even unbearable. All work and no play can make your employees look elsewhere. Spice things up around the office with fun ideas and events that everyone can take part in. Set up a time for a brown bag lunch where employees can bring their own lunch and eat together. Step it up a notch and allow them to bring card games and board games so that after lunch finishes, they can play together and have some fun time to get away from the work day. Have a company picnic on a weekend where employees can bring their families and pets to hang out. Create a walking group for weekdays or a hiking group for the weekends. Plan a happy hour for every end of the month at locations that the employees choose. There are many ways to have fun all the while building relationships and improving workplace morale.

If it worries employers that they will lose their employees, they should look at ways to improve workplace morale with alternative options or  by making a few changes that can alter an employee's decision to stay in place longer. Exploring the ideas above may help boost morale and keep employees.