Curtain fabric is important whether you are sewing the items yourself or if you are buying them new. This is really what is going to determine how long the piece lasts. This is important when you're considering both how much sunlight this is going to get and you also really need to take into consideration how durable the fabric pattern you choose is going to be.

The thing about curtain fabric you probably initially really consider is whether or not it is beautiful. This is important from the interior design aspect. However, it really needs to be functional. You need to consider your privacy needs, which are going to determine whether you go with a lined piece or just a sheer curtain fabric. You should also really consider what is already on your windows. This could be a cornice box or just a simple pair of wood blinds. This is going to help you really get a layered look. You'll also really want to determine whether or not you need this for energy efficiency because heavier curtains can even help cut down on your heating costs.

One thing that you can really consider going with is designer curtain fabric. This is going to be a major investment in your room. It could be one of the more expensive options that you can find. Right now a lot of interior designers are really moving into the ready made world. You can find different designers on each home shopping network. This is a chance to really get the same kind of high end look for a lot less money. Of course it won't be custom. You're just going to get it in a standard a size. However, it is still going to give you the same style of a lot of inspiration pieces in magazines that you might really love. However, whenever you do decorate with trends you run the risk of it becoming dated quickly so you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

There are a lot of ways that you can really just get cheap curtain fabric. It might even just be a basic cotton. In this case, you can really venture out into a lot of diy trends. You might even be able to use a lot of iron on decals and embellishments for a no sew project. This is perfect for a funky teens room kind of space. However, you will need to make sure that whatever you choose to use on your curtain fabric is large enough that it's easy to see. Even if it seems like it is you really want to double check this. Most of the time when you look at your curtains they are going to be open. This means that small embellishments will really get lost in the pleats.

Sheer curtain fabric has really come a long ways. It's not just the basic white sheer that may have been in your grandmothers home. Now it is really going to incorporate a lot of color as well as even metallic elements. It can even have a tone on tone stripe for a subtle pattern in the space. This is going to be one of the least expensive options that you can find when it comes to your window treatments and this is your chance to really experiment with fun sequins or even a bright lime green kind of color.

If you want a really opulent feeling then silk curtain fabric is a way to go. This is going to be your most expensive option and also the most luxurious. Usually this is going to be lined. It is going to be the most formal but it's also a way to add a little bit of texture and life to a contemporary space, although it will initially seem very traditional. In this case you just want to go with a solid pattern. This can be close to your wall color for a monochromatic look and can even be something very daring like a chocolate brown or a basic teal.