Driftwood Decorations

I can hear you ask why would you bother picking up driftwood from our beaches, isn't it just rubbish? No each piece of driftwood that you find is unique, it is a one of. You can never go to a shop and purchase a piece exactly the same.

This article is designed to give you ideas on how to make free unique driftwood articles for Christmas gifts. The driftwoods smooth finish is a result of months being worn smooth by the sand and wind when tossed about in both ocean and on land. Driftwood starts out from a broken part of a tree swept into the rivers and oceans on our shores.


You can either oil or varnish it to showcase the grains of this beautiful wood or leave it natural straight from the ocean. How you treat this will depend on your ideas for decoration or the effect you wish to achieve.

The next time you are walking on the beach, keep your eyes open and look for different shapes of driftwood. Try to imagine what you could do with each piece. Driftwood can be used for a variety of things. Many years ago we used driftwood timbers that may have fallen off ships or from wrecks to make our bed frame for our beach shack. We also used some timbers to build our bench cupboards and kitchen stools. They looked great and were unique because no one else had anything like them.

Driftwood Mirrors

If you are lucky enough to find a piece from the trunk of a tree with a large enough hole in it, you could fit a mirror in it and stain the wood. This could then be mounted onto a wall which would look great featured in your entry hall where visitors could not miss seeing your wonderful creation.

Large driftwood Pieces

Large pieces of driftwood look great when used stained or left natural as a base under glass for coffee tables. You will never find anyone else with one the same as yours. Make sure when you set this up that it is very stable, you would not want a child to pull the glass top or the base onto them.

Crafts to make with driftwood

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I think this looks cute with the birds admiring themselves in the mirror and would suit a bird lover.

Ocean Themes



Decorate your pieces of driftwood with anything from the sea; or use a hollow piece as a boat then add pieces of rope and driftwood oars and fill with shells. Let your imagination work overtime and see what you can come up with.

 Create Driftwood Fruit bowls or lamp bases

Cover it with a glaze to go with the décor of your home. For the fruit bowl you may need to level the base to keep it even. For the lamp base you could drill a hole through the centre for the power lead if you cannot find a piece with the hole already in it.

Driftwood Door stops

These can be done with part of the root of a tree, or a solid piece of wood. Failing that you could get a piece of normal timber and mount a piece or pieces of twisted drifted onto it, then intertwine leaves and dried arrangements or even glue on some shells, butterflies, bees, frogs or anything at all that tickles your fancy. If you were to glue some shells it could look great with a leaping dolphin glued onto it.

Driftwood Furniture

I have seen some of this in very up market homes and they look terrific. These would definitely not be as cheap as the other things mentioned but then again no one says you cannot make yourself a cheap Christmas gift of driftwood furniture.

Chairs look good with the twisted branches used for the arms. I have also seen a table done with the driftwood timber then the thick branches from the trees were used for the legs. They looked fantastic and something else that no one else would have the same unique furniture.

Thin driftwood vase Sticks

Instead of buying imported sticks from other countries why not find some real twisted pieces of driftwood sticks from the local beaches and put these into a vase and then decorate with dried flowers and leaves for a refreshing change to the normal everyday flower arrangement. A bonus is that they will cost you nothing and you will enjoy the sea air while picking them up.

Driftwood Pot plant holders

Collect several pieces of driftwood with different thicknesses. Measure them up and glue onto one of your cracked or chipped older pots to give it a new look. No one will notice the fault anymore and it should look great.

Christmas is coming so do not waste your precious time thinking about what you will make or it will be here before you get started.

There is one good thing about making these types of things; you can pick out the best to keep for yourself. Although you need to remember that this article was all about making Free Unique Driftwood articles for Christmas Gifts.

Remember while you are walking along the beach looking for driftwood you should also collect some shells at the same time for decorating the driftwood.  Another benefit of collecting along the beaches is the exercise will help you to lose weight too.  So what more could you want other than enjoying yourself in the fresh air.

The beauty of any driftwood is its natural beauty and uniqueness because you will never see any two pieces alike.