Mother's are so hard to buy for aren't they?

I know my mother is hard to buy for. I buy her perfume she either worries it will affect her skin because she has sensitive skin, or that it will go "sour" on her skin, or it is too heavy and gives her a headache. If I buy my mother jewellery, she shoves it in a jewellery box never to see the light of day again, she says different but I am yet to see them appear. I have my theory and it is pretty concrete, my mother has expensive taste and I have a very small cash flow.

So my suggestion is either buy your mother something decent like a good expensive pendant as pictured below. A Heart love angel wing Mother's day pendant sold at Amazon for $129.99. A great buy when it has 0.25 carats. Or read on for some cheaper ideas if you have a smaller bank balance to spend on your mom this Mother's day.

A special Mothers day diamond pendant

Think about your mother's personality

Don't treat your mother to something on Mother's day if it is something you love but that she hates.    That isn't a treat for her it is for you! What you are better off doing is thinking about your Mother's hobbies and her personality. Here are some suggestions that should cover a few different kinds of mother's, not that I like to stereotype but it will hopefully give you a few good ideas.

For the tree hugging nature loving mother

If your mother loves breathing in the fresh air and loves escaping out doors, pack up a picnic, her favourite picnic foods would be best. Take her to one of your local country parks and go for a peaceful walk among the very gift of nature, smell the wild flowers, listen to the wild life, before sitting somewhere pretty to eat your lovingly prepared Mother's day picnic. You could even do something cute like take a small vase to put a fresh flower in the middle of where you decide to have your picnic. What a lovely cheap mother's day present that would be, freedom, food, fresh air and the knowledge that your child gets you. For a mom who doesn't get a break away from the four walls she raised you in, this is like liquid gold and money can't buy it.

The mother who likes to chill at home in her pjs

Some mothers are still young enough that they are juggling multiple personalities and areas of life up in the air at the same time, they could be working a job, keeping house and raising children, so when it comes to a day dedicated to them, they don't want a treat where they are going to have their personal day swallowed up by getting ready to be forced in to a family meal, they may just want to chill out, in their pjs, on the sofa. This one is quite easy, you could do a pamper hamper for the two of you.

In a box, lined with wrapping paper, place a jar of hot chocolate or tea if she doesn't like hot chocolate, some of her favourite snacks and a dvd. Chill out and have a duvet day in your pjs together. It usually doesn't get to happen very often in our hectic lives, she may love the girly time.

For the mother who likes to be spoiled

We said cheap ideas for mother's day if your bank balance was low, that doesn't always mean that you have the kind of mother who doesn't have expensive taste. This is when originality and artsy talent comes in. You can bake some muffins and decorate with a fancy frosting, preferably with edible glitter on them. Take a fancy small garden flower pot and place the muffins so they look like a bouquet of flowers. Tie a ribbon around the plant pot and voila, you have a very original and expensive looking gift for mother's day. 


If your disposable income is literally stretching to a card only, then make your mother feel special on Mother's day by spending time on her. Take over her chores and let her relax for the day, show her that you understand why there is a special day in her honor. Show her you appreciate all the care, love and attention that she has unconditionally given to you the whole of your life, because what the whole experience of Mother's day should be is that you show your mother she has done such a good job in her mothering that she brought up a considerate human being. Chocolates and gifts don't say that on their own. So while it is great to spoil your mother with nice gifts and luxuries as she probably did with you when she could, don't feel bad if you can not, because she is your mom, she just wants you to show you love her.

Happy Mother's day for all mothers everywhere!