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The Need For Identifying Risks In Foreign Policy

Before a country is able to submit itself and its government to foreign policies, it is really important the all of the benefits and risks are properly identified. Just like when you enter into an agreement, it is really important that you read and familiarize yourself with all of the arrangements before you actually sign up the papers and finally enter the agreement. The proper identification of risks in foreign policy is very much essential in being able to protect a country from all of the consequences that if might face in the future. If the identification of risks in foreign policy is not properly determined then it will end up damaging the country in almost any aspect you can actually think of.

For a country to be able to progress and achieve development, it should be able to form international relations with other countries and this often involves the use of different foreign policies that are geared towards providing mutual benefits to both countries. But some countries take advantage of the foreign policies that they have with other countries that is why it is important to be able to assess every policy very well. The identification of risks in foreign policy is definitely important in this case.

An Overview Of Foreign Policy

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A foreign policy is something that contains standards or rules that must be followed in order to promote national interest of a certain country. It is also known as the foreign relations policy. It involves the use of strategies that are focused on the interests of the country itself to be able to promote their safety in relating to other countries and to help them achieve their goals in the international relations field. The foreign policy is something that is properly and critically crafted by the government to make sure that as the country employs the policy in their international relations, they would be able to achieve much of the benefits that they can get as much as possible. In order to be able to promote the sole interests of their country, some foreign policies can actually be risky for some to take that is why proper identification of risks in foreign policy must be considered ahead of time before entering into a commitment with other countries.

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As a country, you must be able to assess your own capability in being able to form equal relations with other countries. You really have to follow their foreign policies to maintain a good relationship with the said country. Before you finally decide in entering a relationship with them, you should be able to see the long term effects of the foreign policy and your long term ability to fulfill their interests as indicated by the strategies that they use in their policies. If you are not able to maintain the fulfillment of the foreign policy right in the middle of you agreement, this can actually lead to the breaking of ties with the other country. More than the breaking of ties, such failure can even lead to cold wars and even violent types of disagreements that is why you should be very careful. You must remember that some foreign policies can take really a lot from your own countries resources that is why you must considered if one policy is definitely worth committing into. Yes, you would really want to form good relations with other countries but if you will have to risk for the welfare of your own country then what is the good in entering into such relationship.

You must be able to weigh the pros and cons of  foreign policy. You must enter into one that will definitely benefit both countries and will not only focus on one side. You may be unaware that some foreign policies can actually benefit totally the country itself only. It can be very hard for other countries to deal with such kind of policy.

Ways To Identify Risks in Foreign Policy

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Some of the ways for you to be able to have proper identification of risks in foreign policy involves proper analysis and inspection by the government and primarily the those experts when it comes to foreign relations. As much as possible, researches and studies should also be conducted for the country to be able to be sure about entering such agreement. The country must be able to take the necessary efforts to be able to weigh whether a foreign policy is worth taking. This could be more preferred as to having to find solutions because you are already facing the consequences of an inappropriate foreign policy that you just took.

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There are actually a lot of risks that you can encounter with different foreign policies if you will not be actually prepared for it. Such effects can have huge impacts not only in the government but also in the entire nation. You may not readily face the consequences at first, but later on, you will feel that the effect is actually present and it can be long term causing much of the problems to your country primarily to the people. Some foreign policies, due to excessive focus on the country’s self-interest, can actually cause the other country to be in a state of debt due to the demands that they ask from the said policy. They would either request for certain payments in different forms. Let’s say you would want to ask for assistance from a certain country and you have to enter into their foreign policy. Some countries will definitely provide terms that can greatly benefit them just so you can be able to make up for their assistance. They can either use parts of your country as territories for military bases and business grounds. They can also use your country as an area for exportation that is why you should definitely be careful in accepting agreements involving foreign policies.

From these possible consequences that a country might face arises the need for the proper identification of risks in foreign policy. You must be sure about every agreement that you will take with other countries and you must be reminded of the reason why you want to develop a good relationship with other countries in the first place and it is because of your self-interest and your country’s own benefit.