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Distinguishing and identifying hawk feathers from all the other types can actually be very challenging for some especially to those people who are not much into animals. Feathers can actually look the same for every type of animal, specifically birds. This task of identifying can somehow be easy for those animal lovers who are familiar with much of the details about them especially for avid bird collectors. To identify hawk feathers properly, you must need to be very observant when it comes to details because every bit of such detail counts no matter how small it may appear to your eye. It is really important for you to be able to identify hawk feathers very well for you to be able to properly determine the bird specie. If you would just understand and appropriately follow the techniques, you can easily be able to identify hawk feathers.

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Identifying hawk feathers can be an easy task for you. You could always be able to use the keen observation to be able to determine if the feather belongs to that of a hawk. There is a great possibility that you will be able to mistaken a hawk feather as a part of another bird that is why you should really be careful in properly identifying such.You can use the basic features of the hawk for you to be able to properly identify the hawk feathers. You will just need to familiarize yourself with these features and eventually, with much of the practice and experience, you can already consider yourself as an expert in how to identify hawk feathers.

Considering The Size of Hawk Feathers

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First, you can always try to consider the size of the feather. Hawk feathers are actually considered to be larger as compared to the usual birds’ feathers. They can be larger than the usual but they are actually not that as large as those of the turkey or even a vulture. You can say that the largeness of the feathers are just of a normal size.

 But when you are considering the size, you must remember that there can be known exceptions like for example those feathers of the legs and even the breast. They cannot have the actual size of the feather compared to those distributed in the other parts of the body. Those feathers distributed on the legs and breast are said to be smaller as compared to those on the other parts of the body. Also, these feathers are said to be fluffy, smooth and really smaller. On the other hand, those feathers found at the wings of the hawk are said to be very large in size and they are usually those feathers that fall from mid-air ending up on the ground. These feathers are actually having an oval shape which makes identifying hawk feathers a lot easier.

Feather Color As A Distinction

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Aside from the use of the size of the feather for identification, you can also try to use feather color together with their markings to be able to identify hawk feathers appropriately. For example, when it comes to red-tailed hawks, you would not have much of the difficulty in determining them because of their white and brown feathers on their wings as compared to other types of birds. Also, you can never go wrong with chicken hawk feathers because such have their own distinct pattern that can never be found in other birds’ feathers.  You just have to be able to observe the patterns when it comes to identifying bird feathers so that you will be able to understand how to properly identify hawk feathers.

The Location And Distribution of Hawk Feathers

The location and distribution of the feather can also be one consideration when it comes to identifying hawk feathers. You can actually relate the hawk feather to a certain location which can be very easy for you. If you are able to find feathers along different roads and fields, most likely, you will be able to characterize those as coming from hawks. You can even always try to search your area for places where you can see hawks most of the time. You can even search for a hawk’s nest and if you find one, you can be able to know that such area will always have hawk feathers.

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Taking The Time To Master The Skill

Once you are able to identify or see a feather, you should be able to take that opportunity to appropriately study the markings on the feather very well. Every time you are able to identify a hawk feather, you should be able to take such opportunity to master the task so the next time, you would be able to easily identify hawk feathers very well.


If it is your first time to be able to identify hawk feathers, the best way to be able to practice such skill is to use pictures as your basis. It can be very accessible for you because you can easily search for hawk feather pictures over the internet. You can use them to be able to properly study the details of the pictures which you can easily apply in real life when you are already faced in identifying such type of feathers.


This just goes to show that the skill of identifying hawk feathers can be a really easy task just as long as you have the patience to learn the skill and as long as you are motivated to study details about such feathers. There are actually a lot of things that you can use to determine a hawk feather compared to other kinds of feathers. They can be very distinct as long as you are able to see the stand out characteristics or features very well. Once you have already mastered the task, you would not need to hire any professional just so you could be able to identify properly. You should not think that the skill is only applicable to certain people because actually, anyone, regardless of expertise, can learn how to identify hawk feathers very well.