Today, more than ever, it's important that you have a way to identify prescription drugs.

There is an epidemic taking over every high school, college, and young household throughout the world that is becoming every parent's worst nightmare.

If you know how to identify prescription drugs, you at least know what you are dealing with before it gets out of control.

Many kids and young adults are carrying around a tin, a small baggie, or a mint container that holds a wide variety of prescription medications in it. The intention is to take the right combination of prescription medication in order to enjoy an all day (or all night) high that appears safer than messing around with crack, coke, or meth.
identify prescription drugs
The truth is, that these prescription drugs are popping up so frequently that nobody is really sure what they are buying and what they are putting in their mouths. This makes it particularly hard for the medical community to help a victim of an overdose when there is no way to find out what has been taken.

Whether you want to identify prescription drugs to match an old pill with the right prescription bottle, figure out what pill just fell out of your teen's backpack, or verify that you partner is only taking something for a headache even though the pill looks nothing like over the counter medication, there is a way to identify prescription drugs online.

Prescription drug finders are simple databases that have catalogued the wide variety of pills by shape and color, and sometimes by the writing that is on the pill.

When you enter the information into the database you will be able to pull up the type of pill that you have found or are about to take. This information can be lifesaving, especially for those who are using prescription drugs for recreational purposes.

It's not unusual for a dealer to sell a prescription drug as one thing when it is an entirely different medication. Allergic reactions, drug interactions, and overdoses are the three most common accidents that happen from taking a pill purchased from a dealer that was believed to be something that it wasn't. In these cases, just knowing could have saved lives.

These databases are helpful for the individual who has just found an old pill in their car and wants to know what it is, but these databases are absolute lifesavers for identifying prescription drugs that are being passed around on the street from person to person until they reach the hands of your teenager.

With everything that there is to worry about today, prescription medication shouldn't be one of them. Make sure that you lock yours away or throw away old medication where it can't be seen by teenage eyes, and talk to your kids often.
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If you do happen to find your child is taking prescription medications, be sure to find out exactly what it is they are taking. Just use one of the pill registry searches online to check it against the database to help identify the prescription drugs before you accuse anyone of anything.

Remember an open relationship with your child will allow them to feel safe when coming and talking to you.

A great book to help you with this is:

Reality Gap: Alcohol, Drugs, and Sex--What Parents Don't Know and Teens Aren't Telling