Wanting to start a business venture or investment venture is not easy. Often times, the people around us do not make it easier for us. People who do not share the same vision in entrepreneurship can do us more harm than good when we are at the idea incubation stage. Like it or not, every day we have to come across different types of people who are ‘dream crushers’ whether they realise it or not.

Every single business opportunity has its pros and cons. There is no one business idea that is risk-free, profitable and yet comes with no hard work (otherwise, everyone would be a rich businessman!). The person who shuts down every single idea does not understand this. He or she would be quick to think of reasons on why the business idea would not work, without thinking through the possibility of making it work. Who you need to surround are the people that recognise the risks of the business idea, analyse it with you on the potential the business could bring, and brainstorm together on how to minimise the risks associated with the business. Often time, good ideas are iterative from these brainstorming sessions. Even if nothing feasibility comes out from these sessions but the process itself is an enriching learning experience. Talking to a person who shuts down every business idea without considering further is not a constructive exercise and usually leads to more frustrations in trying get the message or idea across. During the ideation period, we often need encouragementssupport and good sounding board to bounce ideas off.

The second type of people that we can come across is someone who is not willing to admit that money is important. If you have read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Irelate this type of people with Robert’s Poor Dad. This type of people does not seem to think investing time, energy or money into learning how to create side business is worthwhile. Yet they are willing to spend enormous of time and energy in gaming or watching television. They dismiss the idea anything relating to entrepreneurship. You will find the phrases as ‘take too much effort’ or can’t be bothered’ as their common language. Being surrounded these people will make you feel like you are desperate, constantly money minded and does not know how to enjoy life. However, most of us who wants to start our own business are the ones that exactly want to enjoy life, but at the later stage when we have steady passive income stream coming in. I have a lot of friends who have this mentality. While I love my friends and would not disown them for not sharing the same idea about entrepreneurship with me, I just have to keep persevering in investing time and energy in equipping myself with knowledge. I also seek out other network that is of same interest. It is important to sharpen iron with iron and surround yourself with likeminded people.

The third type of people we come across in our everyday life is the Mr Know It All. These people like to be perceived asthe expert in everything that you talk to them about. Out of personal ego and motivation, these people will happy to share information with you but does not encourage you to go further than them. While it is great for someone to share information with you, but it will not help you further if the person is not willing to grow you. Who you need to surround instead is a mentor figure, which is someone who has extensive knowledge in the field and willing to grow and challenge you.

Starting your business is never easy, but the important thing to know is that it is not impossible. We have to persevere and keep follow our dream, keep sharpening our talents, exploring our creativity in creating something for us and for the world.Take heart, when you meet these ‘dream-crushers’ in your life.You are not alone! You just have to continue to love them for who they are and keep your focus on growing!