Vehicle collisions that involve common carriers are tragic circumstances. For instance, when a train crashes, all its passengers' lives would be endangered. This kind of situation is also similar to school bus accidents.

Due to the people's fast-paced lifestyles, common carriers like buses, trains and airplanes try their best to transport them in the quickest way possible. However, some of them fail to do this. If a school bus encounters an accident, its passengers would suffer injuries, and some may even be killed.

Fortunately, the liable parties in such accidents can be punished by the law. In a school bus accident, here are some of the possible liable parties:

  • The driver – In any type of vehicle, the driver would always be held liable, unless someone altered his driving which caused the accident. Usually, a driver who is responsible for the damages of a school bus accident will have to pay the amount from his salary and insurance policy.
  • The school administration – If the school administration hired the bus driver, they would be indirectly liable under the doctrine of vicarious liability. If the school already knew about the driver's driving behavior and still allowed him to drive, they would face additional charges.
  • The bus manufacturer – If the school bus accident was caused by a defect in the bus, the manufacturer would have to pay for the injuries and damages it caused. An automotive expert should be hired to inspect the car crash site.
  • Another driver or party – If the bus driver did not commit any fault to initiate the accident, another driver may be held responsible. In some instances, a defective road or a traffic light failure may also be the chief cause of the accident.

These four individuals have higher chances of becoming responsible for the entire accident. If your child was aboard the bus and he was hurt, you and other parents may hire a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and file a class action lawsuit against the responsible party. However, you should first make sure that there are enough pieces of evidence to prove the defendants' fault.

In this kind of situation, you will need an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles to handle the legal aspects of your case. In choosing the best attorney, think about it as buying a pair of jeans or a brand new car. You have to be as meticulous as you can to avoid getting mid-rate or low-rate lawyers. If you succeed in getting the right lawyer for you, you will have higher chances of obtaining benefits from the responsible parties.