Tackling Dwindling Resources

With an ever increasing global population that has to make do with dwindling resources, finding local power solutions is today a necessary step that communities must take so as to ensure they can sustain their economic and social growth despite international upheavals in the energy sector. Identifying viable and sustainable power options within the locality presents a number of important benefits that communities can enjoy. These benefits include affordable power, power security, insulation from negative external influences and much more. To enjoy all the important benefits of a sustainable local  source, a number of factors must be considered.

The Environment

The search for a local power source that guarantees sustainable living and economic prosperity must always be guided by an environmentally friendly approach. If it is not environmentally friendly, then it cannot be sustainable. Ensuring that what is identified produces clean power is one of the most important considerations of any energy project. If the environment is neglected, the benefits sought from the local project will soon be lost through losses that can often be traced back to the effects of environmental degradation.

Growth Potential

Any energy project, local or otherwise must be assessed to establish a potential for growth. While it may start out as a small project, the possibility of growth in future demand must be a consideration at the very beginning of the project. To serve a particular area of community it must have the capacity or potential to eventually deliver power to a majority of those who live in that area or are members of its community. Ensuring that the power source can increase output to serve more people will also be a testimony to the its economic sustainablility.

Available Expertise and Supplies

Since you are looking for a local level to supply local needs, employing local talent and products is the best option. While there will always be a number of new and exciting technologies coming up from different parts of the world, working with locally available solutions and resources is the best way to go. Choose a power source that can be serviced competently by the local experts available, using the best locally available materials. Embracing strange technologies can be a huge challenge that leads to failure and huge losses.


A challenge that faces most local energy generation projects is that they rarely consider the power demand they are supposed to be meeting. This is because a lot of them are simply designed to showcase clean energy options that the community could consider. Having a clear picture of the current power demand as well as a good estimate of expected demand will go a long way in ensuring that the local power source identified to serve a particular community delivers as expected. This means it will be a viable and truly sustainable source.

Additional Benefits

When choosing a sustainable community energy source, there is a need to look at the additional benefits that can be obtained from each option. Anaerobic Digestion is an excellent example where naturally available materials are used in a process that produces power and other useful products. Having a solkution that delivers several useful products is a great way of ensuring a truly sustainable power project that will serve the community well.

There are more than five factors to be considered when working to identify a sustainable local power source. Identifying the best power source for your community will ensure that you guarantee power to your people in a manner that is effective, efficient and truly sustainable.

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