It seems unbearable that a vehicle collision, which injured you and your family and led to massive property damage, was not caused by your negligence, or another driver's fault, but an auto malfunction.

Vehicle accidents resulting from car defects have steadily increased in the past decade, and have injured and killed many people. If you too have become a victim of defective car components, you may contact an auto malfunction accident attorney to take legal action. Because you cannot sue the other party for the damages, you will need to file charges against your vehicle manufacturer. The following are car components that you need to examine to determine if you can sue the vehicle and product manufacturer:
· Safety component failure – The purpose of these components is to secure the safety of the vehicle's passengers. However, if they have caused the occupants to suffer injuries, their manufacturers should be held liable.
Ø Airbags – These should deploy at the right place and time. Airbags should also immediately deflate a few seconds after deployment.
Ø Seatbelts – This component ensures that the occupant will not be thrown out of the vehicle in the event of an accident. Seatbelt latches should be firmly locked.
· Driving components – These pieces of equipment help the driver control the vehicle. Most of the time, a defect in one of these components can lead to a car accident.
Ø Steering wheel – The driving wheel should not be difficult to steer and can sufficiently perform turns for the vehicle.
Ø Tires and wheels – Durable tires and sturdy wheels are two crucial components that ensure the car's smooth ride from one place to another.
Ø Brakes and accelerator – The brakes and accelerator should be working perfectly because through these devices the driver controls the car's speed.
· Engine failure – Combustion of fuel takes place in the engine. Cars with defective engine overheat easily. In some cases, engine failure may even cause explosions.

The search for defects in your vehicle may also be performed by an automobile engineer to ensure its accuracy. Once you have identified the true causes that led to the accident, you may file a complaint to the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI).

The ODI is an office within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that protects motorists and car owners from defective cars and vehicle parts. With the help of your auto malfunction accident attorney, prepare the following information and submit a form to the ODI:
· Vehicle information
· Tire information
· Installation and equipment details
· Child restraint details
· Complainant's personal information