Everyday thousands of people get involved in road and vehicle accidents across the country. According to statistics, these accidents are ultimately caused by drivers who do not obey traffic rules and regulations. Aside from injuries, deaths, and property damages caused by car accidents, here are other consequences of violating traffic laws:

  • Traffic tickets – If a driver gets caught violating a traffic law, a police officer would give him a ticket. The more traffic tickets a driver has, the more violations he has committed.

  • High insurance rates – Driving records that have been messed up by numerous traffic violation tickets would often cause the driver to pay increased insurance premiums.

  • Paying fines – Depending on the severity of the violation, a driver may be charged hundreds or even thousands of dollars as fines.

  • License suspension – If a driver has been recognized as a risk to other drivers, his license would be revoked and he would not be allowed to drive for a certain period of time.

  • Imprisonment – Drivers who have committed manslaughter through their vehicles are often imprisoned. Motorists who have been found driving under the influence may also qualify to go into jail.

Drivers who want to avoid these "punishments" should drive more safely and learn to follow traffic laws. Some of the most common traffic law violations today include:

Moving violations

As the name suggests, this type of violations happens when the vehicle is in motion. Following are some examples of moving violations:

  • Driving over the speed limit

  • Driving under the influence

  • Swerving lanes without signaling other vehicles

Non-moving violations

Even if a vehicle only stays in one place, its driver may still be ticketed because of a non-moving violation. Most non-moving violations are related to parking locations such as:

  • Parking in a special parking slot, like a handicap spot

  • Parking outside the parking area

  • Exceeding parking hours

If you want to save on your insurance and avoid the consequences of traffic law violations, change your ways now and abide by traffic laws. There is no harm in following the law, and every motorist should realize that, unless they want to face the terrible consequences of their disobedience