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Identity Theft is the largest growing crime in America and no doubt in other parts of the world as well. Many cases of identity theft happen from methadone, crack, heroin and other addicted people that need to do anything they can to get enough money to support these very addictive habits and they will do whatever it takes for them to get what they need. There are also people that are just plain lazy to work, want an easier way to get money and they could live right in your own neighborhood!


Preventing identity theft is up to each person to create their own insurance plan to save your credit report and credit rating, your financial, personal information and your reputation. Avoid the stress and huge amount of time and headaches that occur when someone has access to your personal and financial information. Read on for important steps you must take today for protection and peace of mind:


Ten Steps to Identity Theft Protection:

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Shred all mail that contains your name and address

Avoid placing all your junk mail or bills directly in the recycle bin or garbage can without shredding it first. Consider all account numbers that are on your important mail and protect them from identity scammers. You never know who will go through your garbage and search for your personal and private information and use it to create new loans or to obtain credit. It happened to my nephew and is pretty scary.


Keep your personal information private

Never give out your name, address, credit card information, social security number, birth date or banking information to anyone that calls you on the phone. It's almost impossible to know if a call is legitimate when companies ask for this information when they are calling you. When you place a call to your bank or credit card provider, you can trust and give your information however; that is very different than a company randomly calling you and every legitimate company will never ask you for this private information by making a call to you.

Review your credit report

Take advantage of the free credit report you can access yearly from the three major credit reporting agencies and more frequently if a problem is noticed. Deal with any issues or discrepency noted on your credit report by filing explanations to the agencies.


Avoid placing bills in your outgoing mailbox

It is much safer to go to the post office for all your outgoing mail that includes your personal financial information and checking account information on bills than to use your own mailbox.

Thieves often look for mailboxes with the flag up that announces outgoing mail which usually includes bills, account numbers and checking account information.


Avoid foreign lotteries

Your identity can be at risk when scammers send lottery information in the mail and ask for your personal or financial information. There are no protections offered to anyone that participates in foreign lotteries and no way to retrieve your money back once you send it overseas.


Keep your purse and wallet safe at all times

Identity theft often occurs when someone steals your purse or wallet and has immediate access to your driver's license, credit cards, checking account or other private information containing your identity. Use a security wallet with RFID protection built in.

Keep your purse or wallet with you at all times, closed and secure when in public areas such as at a gas station, grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant, bar, club, movie theater or bingo hall.

Never place your purse or wallet in your car where it is easily visible even if your car is locked – identity theft scammers will break into your car without thinking twice to get what they want.

Avoid carrying all your important private information in your purse or wallet. Bring only the one credit card you may need or your checkbook. If not needed, leave these valuable pieces of information securely at home to prevent identity theft potential.


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Review all mail frequently

Immediately review all bank statements, credit card statements and other valuable personal information when you receive it in the mail in an effort to notice any purchases that you did not make as soon as possible. Contact the bank or credit card company immediately for any purchases you did not authorize yourself. Banks want to stop thieves as much as you do.


Use a Debit Card as a Credit Card

When you use your debit card as a credit card for purchases, you have credit card protection that will cover you in case of any financial information theft. Be sure that your debit card is a visa, mastercard or American express card for this protection. Notify your bank or credit card provider at the first sign of unauthorized purchases.

Banks will monitor your spending habits and notify you if a sudden burst of irregular spending activity is noticed on your account.


Never mail or wire money to strangers

Many identity theft scammers will call to tell you that you won something and in order to receive it, you need to mail a certain amount of money to them. Don't fall for this scam from anyone.

Share this important information with your family and friends, especially the elderly that may be vulnerable and fall for these scams opening themselves up to fraud.


Consider extra identity theft protection with LifeLock

There are companies such as LifeLock or ID Watchdog that will charge a yearly fee to watch your personal and financial information for you with credit card protection, fraud protection and internet protection. These identity protection companies immediately notify you if anyone has attempted to use any of your financial or personal information and it locks out the scammers so that no damage is done to you or your credit and you are protected. Search online for these well known and well respected companies. The yearly price you pay is worth the peace of mind to protect your identity.


Protect yourself from online identity theft

The internet can be a dangerous place where strangers are looking for your personal and financial information. Stay safe at all times with these articles you might also enjoy:

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Use these tips for identity theft protection and outsmart the thieves and scammers that try to hurt you and take your hard earned money or the credit you have built. When you have a plan and take the necessary steps to secure your information, you will sleep soundly at night and not need to worry. Stop and Prevent Identity Theft today!


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