Article Marketing Automation And Infobarrel Your Ticket To Success

Take one part books for dummies or Idio'ts Guide and one part voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or the free software that is now included with Windows operating systems and build a profitable, long term residual income with article marketing automation and Infobarrel. Don't believe me? Let me show you how.

Article marketing in any of it's forms is the key to your success if you plan on using the internet to earn income. The world wide web has opened up a whole new world of income opportunities that did not exist just 20 years ago. Anyone with the ability to assemble a group of words into an interesting, informative or entertaining article and has access to a computer and an internet connection can earn a living from the comfort of their home.

Forget all the hype that promises an almost instant fortune, if  you will just buy a $2000.00 program or use this secret tactic to fool Google with a just discovered back door trick offered by a former employee who has decided to spill the beans. They are spilling something for sure but it ain't beans.

Does Article Writing Or Article Marketing Automation Scare You?

Are you still here even after I mentioned article marketing which usually sends would be internet millionaires scampering for the nearest exit? Good for you. You have a chance to join the successful entrepreneurs who have discovered the right way to build a lasting online business.

Article Marketing AutomationCredit: AmazonContent is the secret. Content usually means articles. Articles mean someone has to put words together into a useful article. How difficult can this be? For many people the fear of putting their thoughts in print is worse than a trip to the dentist for a double root canal without novocaine. This is a mental block that stops them dead in their tracks and it is so unnecessary.  

I have a friend who has done a radio show for many years. It is imperative that there is never more than a few seconds of dead air time. Someone needs to be talking constantly. He is very good at his job. But when he came to me for help in creating an online business and I mentioned writing articles his blood turned cold. “Can't do it”. “No way”. “What would I write about“, he asked.

A simple mental block. How about the same topics he spends hours talking about. And he could do it the same way as he does his radio show. He would not even need to be able to type or even worry about spelling. Anyone can do this. If you are not a radio personality whose stock in trade is the spoken word, let me show you how easy it can be to write really good articles.

You are familiar with all those Books For Dummies or Complete Idiot's guides right? They are available at your local library or if you enjoy yard sales they sell all the time for fifty cents or less. I collect them and have over 80 of them. I buy them no matter what the subject is, except for computer and internet titles which are quickly outdated.

I make my living writing articles for content on my affiliate sites and for submission to any good article submission site such as my new found favorite Infobarrel. Let me show you how easy it is to write on almost any subject with minimal effort. This tactic is as close to article automation marketing as you can get.

As an example consider this book. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Buying & Selling A Home by Alpha books. Start with the Contents at a Glance section.

Part 1: Find Your Dream Home
Part 2: Make an Offer
Part 3: Get Financing
Part 4: Close on the House
Part 5: Sell Your House

Just these sub titles alone should be enough to get you started with research for your article. But you don't have to leave this  book to find more information.

Look under Contents

The Advantages of Owning a Home
The Disadvantages of Owning a Home
When Not to Buy a Home
Little-Known Facts About Buying a Home
Finding Real Estate Information with your PC
The Least You Need to Know

Wow. Write a few sentences for each of those subtitles and you will have a 1000 word Infobarrel article in no time. Here's the easy part. Use a voice recognition software. My favorite is Dragon Naturally Speaking. However, there are others including a free version that is now included with most Windows operating systems.

To complete your article find the page where the author has written about each of these subtitles. Read what has been written and then using the voice recognition software simply talk about the same information in your own words. Never ever repeat what is written in the original author's words without giving proper recognition. For some writers, it is easier to close the book after reading the material to insure it is rewritten in an original fashion.

This system works because you have the reference material right in front of you. You simply read it to yourself to get a workable understanding of the subject and then speaking in your own words, filtered through your own life's experiences, you have now created a new article which should be interesting because your experience will create a different version.

It Is How You Say It That Counts

The important point here is that it is not what you say but how you say it that makes it unique. Consider this example. If you were preparing to write an article about travel and you checked with Wikipedia for some information about sand, this is what you might find.

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. The composition of sand is highly ...
13 KB (1,790 words) - 06:50, 18 August 2011

Certainly good helpful information. However, if you used this description in your article,

“Come to Florida and stroll along our sand beaches made from a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles”,

would it send potential customers to the “Buy It Now” button?

Or would you possibly write something similar to. “Come to the Hawaiian Islands and leave your bare footprints in miles of  warm, fine black sand created over the centuries and waiting here just for you”.

Why would anyone want to plagiarize any material when their original is so much more valuable. And with the voice recognition software the spelling is done for you leaving you to concentrate on what you want to say in your own words. Of the many article marketing strategies available, this is one that works.

Start your article marketing automation today. Grab a Dummy book and your headset and talk your way to online success.

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