Hi My Sweetheart is a 2009 Taiwanese romantic comedy series starring Show Luo and Rainie Yang. The story centers on a dorky guy who falls in love with a punk girl. This idol drama is very popular and both actors have been highly praised for their roles. Hangzhou, where the beginning of the story is set, has also attracted more tourists. Rainie Yang has won the best leading actress for her portrayal of Bao Zhu.

The songs in the soundtrack album were sung by both Show Luo and Rainie Yang.

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Xue Hai (Show Luo) is a kind but dorky young man. He wears a bucket hairstyle and a pair of huge glasses. Despite his dorky appearance, Xue Hai is actually from a very wealthy family. After both of his parents have died, he has been living under the protective wings of his older sisters. He wishes to get away from his sisters, especially his overprotective eldest sister, to gain more independence. He decides to go to a university in Hangzhou, China. His plan is violently objected by his eldest sister, who is constantly worried about him. However, she eventually relents. To protect her little brother from people who would take advantage of his wealth, she gives him a fake (and dorky) name - Lin Da Lang - and tells him to pretend to be poor. This way, he will not attract potential kidnappers.

Da Lang is overjoyed by his newfound freedom. Little does he know about what awaits him in Hangzhou. He meets Chen Bao Zhu (Rainie Yang), a reclusive and strange girl from his class. Everyone seems to fear her and respectfully calls her Bao Zhu Jie (Big Sister Bao Zhu).

Despite Bao Zhu's hostile attitude, Da Lang tries to befriend her. Da Lang is mesmerized by her sweet voice. Initially, Bao Zhu rejects him and doesn't want to have anything to do with him, but his kindness and naivety draw her to him. Soon, they become unlikely friends. As they spend more time together, their friendship has turned into something more.

After years of dating, Da Lang and Bao Zhu are finally graduating. Da Lang decides to reveal his real identity to his girlfriend and at the same time, to propose to her. Da Lang decides to pop the big question on Bao Zhu's birthday.

Due to some turn of events, Bao Zhu never shows up. Da Lang is devastated and goes back to Taiwan with a heavy heart.

Years later, Xue Hai ditches his dorky name and has transformed himself into a hot guy. He is hardly recognizable now. His perceived breakup has changed him from the inside out. He stops believing in love and has become a womanizer. He also spends a generous amount of money on each girl. For this, he is dubbed as "Hai Bai Wang Zi" or the prince of extravagance.

By chance, Xue Hai hears a popular radio program called "Sweetheart". He immediately recognizes the DJ's voice as the sweet voice of his old flame. Immediately, he buys the radio station to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend for what she did. He is unaware that Bao Zhu has never stopped loving him and has been searching for him for years.


Hi My Sweetheart is a cute and highly entertaining series. Show Luo's Lin Da Lang is really hilarious. His silly hair, which Bao Zhu refers to as his mushroom hair, is so annoyingly lovable. His acting is so good that some viewers have totally forgotten that Da Lang is Show Luo!

However, I absolutely did not expect Rainie Yang to stand out in this show. Her role required her to dress as a punk, which was far from her sweet image. Her portrayal of Bao Zhu was surprisingly brilliant. Rainie won her first best leading actress award for this role. This was a significant milestone in the Taiwanese entertainment since actors from idol dramas were rarely recognized.

I love the chemistry between Show Luo and Rainie Yang. Personally, I think no other Taiwanese actors can top their pairing. They look so good together that it scares me. Before the drama's shooting, Rainie thought that Show was stuck-up. Eventually, they got along so well that it was apparent on screen. There were even rumors that the two were dating but both had denied it. Show and Rainie remain very good friends up to this day.

Like most idol dramas, Hi My Sweetheart has many unrealistic parts. My main gripe is the last two episodes. I think it has totally ruined the nice message of the show. Even so, I still think that this series is worth watching. The two leads are just so fun to watch!


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