When you are looking for a traditional job you may find that you can actually earn more money by freelancing. There are many market segments that you can freelance in. Obviously writers and writing is one of the most common types of careers that allow people to freelance as opposed to working directly for a company. There are many other types of work where you can freelance also.

A lot of people fresh out of the military have found that they can get more freedom and more pay by freelancing as a military consultant. These military men and women may have set out to get a job utilizing their military skill and their reputation but they soon learn they have more freedom and bigger paychecks by consulting as a freelancer instead of laboring full-time as a direct employee of the company. Obviously if you were an E3 enlisted man when you got out of the military then you may not find a freelance position as a military consultant but if you spend 20 years in the military or at least served with an elite group such as the Navy Seals then you will often find multiple chances to use your skills and knowledge to freelance for companies. Read a Media Recruitment Blog and find out everything you can about companies that may be able to utilize your skill set.


Many writers who were laid off from their newspaper because of the poor economy and the piss-poor decisions of the newspapers and these newly unemployed writers turned to selling some of their work so they could get a little bit of money and not end up homeless. 1 article turned into multiple requests and now some of these former newspaper writers are earning much more money and are getting much more respect than they did when they worked directly for the newspaper.

When looking for freelancing opportunities you need to have a thorough understanding of exactly what your skills are and what you can offer to a potential company as a freelancer. You may elevate your skills in your fantasies and daydreams but unless you can actually provide a need service to accompany and help them to male money or save money then you are wasting everyone’s time. With that being said a lot of people underestimate the skills they could offer as a freelancer. When you begin to look for opportunities to freelance you also want to think outside of the box and do something that is different from what everybody else is doing.