A queue of people"If you build it, they will come" may work if you're building a baseball diamond, but it doesn't work on the internet. Simply creating a site is not enough, you need to do something to get it listed in search engines. Building traffic requires you to promote your site.



Web Directories

Directory page

Web directories may no longer be as important as they used to be before the advent of Google and other search engines, and although they may not generate much in the way of traffic, they can still be the basis of any promotional program.

Adding your new site to a directory will increase its incoming links, which can help your site improve its ranking in search engines, as well as providing additional entry points.

A good list of web directories, especially free and non-reciprocal ones, can be found at http://info.vilesilencer.com.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (or PPC) advertising is, as is suggested, advertising where you pay for each click on your advert. The most well known of this type of advertising is Google AdWords, whose ads can be found all over the internet, both on sites and within Google's search results.

If you are not careful, you can very quickly spend a lot of money for no return on your investment. Whilst you may be able to pick a maximum budget for your daily spend, you still need to keep an eye on things. $5 per day as a maximum spend doesn't sound like a lot, but $150 per month does. Small amounts can quickly add up.

Ensure you do keyword research so that you have correctly identified the keywords you want to target and that your sales copy is well written before starting a PPC campaign.

Quality Traffic


You don't want to simply drive traffic to your site, you want to drive quality traffic. Simply increasing your traffic can be pretty easy; there are lots of sources of free or low cost traffic around. There is usually a reason why it's free or low cost though; the traffic is merely visitors who will often just use up your site's bandwidth for no return. To actually gain anything from this traffic, you need to be getting good money from pay per impression advertising, for example from banners or popups, but pay per impression is typically low return these days.

Repeat Traffic

Most sites want repeat visitors. Even those selling a one-off product may need repeat visits in order to actually sell the product, unless the sales copy is so good that visitors typically buy on their first visit. In order to get repeat visitors, they need a reason to come back, so you need something of value to them on the site to bring them back. If there isn't anything they consider valuable, they may visit once, but it's doubtful they will return through choice. It's estimated that a potential purchaser will need to see a product up to seven times before they decide to actually buy.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal link

Although reciprocal links aren't considered to be as valuable as one-way links - and in terms of pure search engine optimisation, they aren't - a good, relevant reciprocal link campaign is a useful component in your site promotion process.

Don't just swap links randomly with any site that agrees to, though. For best results, you want to be swapping links with sites related to yours. Out of preference, choose sites that are related, but don't directly compete with you. You don't want to lose traffic and potential customers to a site in the same business as your own.

Instead, try to exchange links to sites that complement your own, so that visitors to the site you exchange links with are more likely to have an interest in your own product or service. For example, search engine optimisation, web design and web hosting are all related businesses, although in most cases they aren't directly competing.

Additionally, although not quite as useful, you can also exchange links with web directories that require a reciprocal link in order to add your site.

One-Way Linking

Generally considered to be the best type of link for search engine optimisation, one-way links can also generate traffic themselves. One way of getting one-way links is by submitting your site to free web directories. There are also web directories where you can pay to have your link added, if it is decided to be suitable. Article marketing is also a very good and popular way of generating these types of links. Write an article that's relevant to your site, add a resource box to the bottom, and then add your article to sites such as GoArticles or InfoBarrel.  There are a lot of ezines around that may also be interested if you have an article relevant to the topic of their ezine. Such sites are always in need of new content, and will add your article for free. Ensure you comply with any relevant terms and conditions the sites have.

Probably the most difficult way of generating one-way links is by having sites voluntarily link to you, although this is also often the most value. This is a passive process, and requires you provide something of value on your site that others will want to link to.