If there has ever been an issue in the Social network of the human species it has always been," What makes others love you if, you don't love yourself." It has been seen that the entire evolution of a woman is to fall in love, or find true love.

THE FIRST STEP: You must know what makes you feel special and how to truly enjoy being alone. This simply means BE BY YOURSELF. Everyone loves company but how many people feel confident enough to go to the movies alone, go to dinner with yourself, or even the biggest shocker dress up for yourself. This is the most important step into finding someone to love you because you know that no matter what no one can treat you better than yourself. Eventhough we all want to be loved sometimes we must entertain ourselves because whether someone is around or not all you have in the world is yourself.

STEP TWO:When in doubt determine what you like about yourself, so many people know what makes other people attractive, or even funny. You must learn what you like about you, is it your smile, your laugh, or even your physique? Whatever, it maybe learning this is key to being a commodatey for the opposite sex. If you have placed what makes you so likeable then one will be able to put forth the best presentation when trying to mate.

STEP THREE:Determine what you want in a mate and don't wavier in that decision. It is hard to say what will make someone the best candidate for a relationship off the bat, but standards are key. There has not been a person in the world who has not, "Judged a book by it's cover". There is nothing wrong with that but if you try to base a relationship off of looks alone you will fail. It really is a total package that one should be trying to aquire in a mate. They need to have personality, looks, brains, and even looks. Once a list of personal likes and dislikes you would like in a mate have been made then you have a good idea of what you want .

In the end the best advice is to always be yourself and remember that we are all human and mistakes happen but try to remain firm in your stance to have happiness. In the end if you have to settle for yourself versus someone else because they are not up to your standards than so be it.