Free Money To Pay Rent?

Have you had a job for 3 months and need free money to help pay your rent?  There are sources out there that you can check if you are trying to get back on your feet and just need a little boost for a month or two. The fact that you may have been unemployed and now have a job is a testament to your drive and will.  Getting free money to pay your rent may not be easy, but it is not impossible and there are sources out there who can help you.


Source of Free Money To Help Pay your Rent

Employee Assistance Program

Since you have been at your job for at least three months, they you should be eligible for their Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Each company's Employee Assistance Program is different in terms of what they help you with.  Some Employee Assistance Programs help with counseling services, and social services while others have a bounty of amenity including financial help to employees. You will have to check with the Employee Assistance Program in the company that you work for to see if their program has something to help you.  Also, ask the Counselor for other sources she may have that she can send you to.


Speak To Your Boss About A Cash Advance

In the business world, this is not a common practice, however, it does happen.  Have a meeting with your boss and explain to him what your situation is.  Ask her if you can have an advance on your salary to help you get caught up with your rent.  You may have to get another job or find work that you can do online so that you can have money for other things.  If you do get a cash advance and need food assistances, there are many food pantries that will be able to help you eat while you get back on track.  The most important thing is to have a roof over your head.


Call 211 From Your Telephone To Get Help Paying Your Rent

211 works almost like the emergency number 911.  The calls are automatically routed a regional or local calling center where you are asked a series of questions. From the answers you give, your needs will be matched with available resources in your area and you will be given the contact information of the company or organization that can help you.  211 is currently available in 39 states, go to to find out if your state is on the list or just pick up the phone and give it a try. 

With 211 you can get help for basic human needs, such as clothing, shelter, food and rental assistance.


Local Independent Charities Of America

The Local Independent Charities of America.  It is a federation of 700 local charities who help people in need. There are a lot of people out there looking for help so be realistic of what they may be able to offer you.  You can contact them, explain your situation and see what they can do to help you.

Apply For Section 8

You may be able to get a significant deduction in your rent that is paid to your landlord through a housing voucher.  Check with Hud's Housing Voucher Fact Sheet, to get more information on this program.


I Need Money, but I have a Job

Well, you can use some of these sources to help bring in some extra money.  If you get get free rental assistance from any f these sources, it's time to tell your landlord you are going to be late with the rent, and get to work trying other sources of income.  For things you can do to bring in more income even if you have a job: Press Here.



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