Danielle Steel is the author of over 60 novels (plus 15 children's titles and occasional non-fiction), and one of the best known American authors, with millions of copies sold and additional millions in print. Some critics consider her name synonymous with the Romance genre, but her novels really depict women's lives and relationships. Steel is known for emotional sensational stories of strong women, facing problems in their lives and marriages.

Plots drive Steel's stories and the individuals that permeate them. Her issues replicate the problems real people face in their lives. Although her stories are not Romances, they are certainly romantic, and characters often find their soul mates, inside and out of marriage. Readers do not usually object if the relationships are extra-marital, as these couples are clearly meant for each other. Steel does not write continuations. Her individuals may share comparable qualities and fates, but each novel has a exclusive cast. Another bonus for Steel fans is that these easy-reading stories in general offer a single plot line and move quickly. Despite the fact that there is more description than dialogue, pacing is fast. Danielle Steel writes stories that provide both entertainment and something for fans to think about.

Barbara Delinsky's novels will delight those Steel readers who do not require elegant living as a backdrop. Her novels are romantic, but the spotlight is more on women and concerns in their lives.

Barbara Taylor Bradford may be remembered for her immensely satisfying sagas, written in the 80s and 90s. More recently, she has followed the pattern of Steel and concentrated on novels of Women's Lives and Relationships. She adds special touches of Suspense to wealthy and celebrated trappings, along with strong working women protagonists and their poignant stories, and similar writing style make her an excellent choice for Steel's readers.

Eileen Goudge creates younger characters, as Steel did in her first titles, but they are just as appealing as they fight roadblocks to their happy ending. Several of her titles add touches of Mystery and Suspense, elements not normally found in Steel.
Fern Michaels' contemporary stories of relations, wealth, relationships, and a strong young woman facing hardship, will appeal to many of Steel readers.