Nicholas Sparks is a master of love novels with bittersweet endings. He built his career on tales covered in love and pathos and has a solid fan base. Even when he drives his readers to tears, they always come back for more. Sparks creates about love -- the power of love to heal, to excuse, to jeopardize, and to endure. In Sparks' books there is no grand love without some loss and his characters frequently are faced with a arduous challenge before proving they are worthy of true love. Sparks' characters are more often than not recognizable types: typically one, sometimes both, of the central characters are deeply, secretly wounded from a past heartbreak. The characters are honorable and steadfast. Family is very important to Sparks' characters.

Spiritual faith is central as well, and occasionally has an effect in the story, but Sparks' stories never fall in the subgenre of Inspirational. However, readers of those subgenre may like Sparks' books. Insignificant townships in North Carolina are the location for his stories. The tempo is unhurried, speeding up for speedy action and dialogue. Sparks' prose is not impenetrable and he aims for an easy-to-read style with a romantic manner. While some may find the writing overly maudlin, most readers are so ensnared by the tone that they simply read along, on the way to the satisfying endings.

Emily Grayson creates in a somewhat more striking style about romantic relationships with finales that are as poignant as Sparks' but less heartrending.

James Michael Pratt creates in the similar vein style, but with more nostalgia daring characters and valiant circumstances abound in Pratt's novels. Sense of duty and honor play considerable elements in the driving force of his central characters. Readers who admire the force and honesty of Sparks' characters in the face of misfortune will also enjoy Pratt's characters and their exciting circumstances.

Richard Paul Evans is one more novelist of stories of grand romance and inspiration. Characters are less tortured but more in need of finding their internal strength and faith.

K. C. McKinnon's writing will be attractive to fans of the bittersweet ending. McKinnon gives ample of warning that the conclusion will be a tearjerker, but she makes it one the reader will look forward to, with welcoming characters, a homey setting and a sweet heartwarming story about childhood friends who come together to help each.