Don't Be Left Saying "I Wish I'd Known That"

The options you have available to help control your asthma at home are many.  The advice of a medical professional should always be sought when treating asthma because without it the consequences can be serious or even fatal. In saying this you are more than able to apply some home remedies that will greatly increase your comfort level, relieve your symptoms and reduce the incidence of your attacks.

Education is the best method to improve your symptoms and reduce the number of attacks. Being aware of what triggers your asthma will make you more confident in dealing with symptoms.  Knowing that things such as dust particles, chemicals and fumes like cigarette smoke and other allergens can cause asthma will keep you on top of things.

Some people suffer with asthma when exercising or when the air is cold. A proactive approach like keeping a record of attacks and what you think triggered it can reveal patterns.  Showing your doctor this information can assist in identifying causes.  Now you’ve identified what can be triggering attacks you can avoid these situations.  While this can be challenging in work environments, it can be easier at home where you have more control.

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In your home you are able to remove things like pet hair, cigarette smoke and dust more easily.  You should also consider not using strong chemicals for cleaning if they are a trigger.

Home Remedies Are Your Secret Weapon When It Comes To Asthma

If you have lungs that are blocked up with mucus, your condition can improve with a hot, steaming shower or some time in a sauna.

A lot of people have discovered honey to have a positive effect for asthmatic relief. If you are feeling chest tightness or are coughing, you can open a jar of honey and take a deep breathe. Mixing 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drinking the mixture 3 times a day is another option for related symptoms.

Garlic is a popular ingredient when used as a remedy for asthma, it involves boiling the cloves in milk and drinking it three times a day.  Adding minced garlic to a hot cup of ginger tea and drinking it once in the morning and the evening is another one to try.

 People have also found drinking a glass of milk 2 to 3 times a day containing one teaspoon of turmeric powder promotes relief from asthma symptoms.

A chest rub has been used throughout history to relieve coughing and chest congestion, the same benefit can be had when mustard oil and camphor is mixed and applied on the back of the chest.

A simple and effective home remedy is to boil some water and mix it with caraway seeds and inhale  the steam.

Blend a mixture of radish, honey and lemon juice and then cook in a small pan over low heat for 20 minutes is another option. Once cooked, cool the mixture and then a teaspoonful should be taken each morning.

Why Change Is The Final Ingredient

As well as home remedies, making changes in your lifestyle will have a positive impact.  Simple things like spending time in the sun and fresh air daily, living in dust free environment without any other irritants like pet hair, chemicals and cigarette smoke will reduce the chances of asthma flare ups.  Staying well hydrated throughout the day will assist in keeping mucus levels down and loosening any that is present.

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Home remedies are a low cost approach to help control and fight asthma symptoms.  It's crucial that you do not ignore any signs of asthma because it will progress to a more serious condition when left unchecked.  You should always seek emergency medical help straight away if your treatment options are not relieving symptoms.