Gift giving can be quite complicated. Sure, you can just go to a random store and pick up something generic, but if you want your gift to really stand from the crowd and have some kind of meaning behind it, you have far fewer options. But, a sure fire way to make someone remember you is to give them a hand made gift.

Handmade Gifts Are High Quality
When something is hand crafted by a skilled artisan, it is usually of a higher quality. If you compare a machine made gift to an equivalent one that is handmade, you will be able to see the difference right away. You will be able to tell that the handmade gift is made of higher quality materials and that someone actually spent time and effort putting it together. You won't get that from a gift made in a factory in China.

Handmade Gifts Demonstrate Effort
Quality handmade gifts are hard to find, and the person receiving the gift will know that. If you just go to a generic big box department store and purchase something that was on the front cover of the latest flyer or catalog, they will wonder how much time you actually spent looking, and how much they actually mean to you. But, if you get them a handmade gift that they have never seen before and looks unique, they will instantly know that you put the time and effort in to find it – people remember things like this…

Handmade Gifts Offer More Opportunities
Finally, when you purchase a handmade gift, there are more opportunities when it comes to making your gift unique. Often, you can order a handmade gift in the recipients favorite colors or with the recipients name engraved on it. These may seem like small things that no one will notice, but these really do make your gift more memorable.

If you are buying someone a gift out of obligation, then it doesn't really matter where it came from or what it says – you are just being polite. But, when you need a gift to be extra special, something handmade will be of higher quality, it will show you actually went through some effort to pick out the gift, and it will offer you more opportunities for customization. If you want to get someone a gift that they will never forget, it has to be handmade.