Are you really interested in saving more energy? I am always looking for ways to save energy because I know that equates to me saving money. It is also no big secret that I love to cook, which is good because I have a family that loves to eat. But, if you are like me, the average citizen, you may be wondering what we can do to make an impact on the current energy crisis that we hear about daily. We all know the process; reduce consumption to conserve energy because that affects global warming. It sounds easy enough, but has anyone actually created a workable long term solution?

I am about to share a very inexpensive, but efficient way you can start making a difference today. First, let me tell you the pros about my tip. It will not change the way you live, and you will not have to sell your prized possessions so you can afford it. You probably already have it in your home sitting around doing nothing anyway. The bad news is that if you do not cook, you will probably not be that excited about my discovery. But, I will let you know about the benefits of this appliance, and you can be well on your way to saving money and energy every month. And the mystery appliance is…

The Toaster Oven

I hope you were not disappointed, but this energy saving appliance can greatly decrease your energy costs every month if you use it regularly. I have seen my bill reduced by almost 30% just by using my toaster oven more and my range less. I have not made any additional changes in my household. Most people use microwave ovens religiously, and while they are a great energy saving appliance, they do not offer what an oven offers.

The Benefits of a Toaster Oven

I have a toaster oven, but my sister owns a convection toaster oven, and I admit I am a little jealous. I can do just about everything in my toaster oven that I could do in my range. The only difference is the size. I can easily overlook that because the savings I receive are immediate and noticeable. There are some tips to make sure you receive the full benefits of cooking with a toaster oven, and save energy at the same time:

  • Use the toaster oven more than your regular range. I learned how to manoeuvre the food I was cooking in order to fit in the space that is allowed by my toaster oven.
  • If you do not already have a toaster oven, buy one of the largest models that are available. Mine is not as big as I would like for it to be, but my sister can cook an entire roast in hers without a problem.
  • A convection toaster will save you a lot of energy because they cook a lot faster. You will also notice that your food cooks evenly.

This one simple tip can quickly and simply cut the amount of money you spend in electricity bills, and you do not have to sacrifice your food’s quality or taste.