Suck It Up

Was Your Father A Loser?

Was your father a loser? Good for you, so was mine. But that isn't really the problem is it? The fact that so many people have abandonment issues and abuse issues are not the issue. So what is the issue?

This article is going to be about getting some crap off our chests.

Lets do it!

Do you ever get tired of people talking about their fathers? You know what I mean. The people who blame their fathers for all their problems?

It could be anyone. The person down the street from you. Your friends or co-workers. It may even be you.

All these people with father issues have excuses. Excuses why they can't do things. They blame their fathers for their mishaps in life and all the wrongs that have befallen them.

Do you think that they will ever change?

Do you think that they will ever take some responsibility for what happened? The problem with all this pity is that people use it for their own personal gain.

Let me explain. When you or someone you know has had a bad thing happen to them like their father abusing or leaving them.

It leaves a scar. No one will dispute that.

The question then becomes, "How long will this effect us?" The answer is, it will affect us as long as we let it.

We let the unresolved anger dictate our complaints.

Really? Too many people blow off their failings and hard times on their dead beat fathers.

Don't you just want to say, "Shut up!" Stop blaming someone who isn't even around.

I know I do. But the real problem is that the person who is blaming their father will only hear the anger, and not the idea behind that. They are so blinded by loss and sadness that they cannot see through the pain.

Overcoming the pain is the challenge.

But there is a simple way to do it. There is a way we all know about but we don't want to say. The only way to get over the issue is to face it head on.

Don't run away. Don't blame others. Don't act like you are hurt. Don't be a wimp.

It all boils down to this. The one thing that all those people are missing. Everyone one of these people need to look themselves in the mirror and ask, "Who is really responsible for my behavior?"

The Answer

The answer is me. I am responsible for my actions. Not some loser who left me 20 years ago. Is there pain? Of course.

But the answer is simple. It was simple when it came to my father and it is simple when it comes to your father or all those other people who can't get over it.

Look all those people in the face and say what you really want to say. Say what you know you need to say.