Like any other type of commercial businesses, when we discuss purchasing a franchise, most people think about the businesses they are familiar with or deal with on a regular basis. But what I am talking about is specific to the dry cleaning industry and not just opening your own dry cleaners from scratch, but actually buying into a known name and franchise.

When you first mention a franchise, most people's first reaction is, what restaurant are you purchasing? Well, although the fast food industry has been a large part of the franchising systems, it is not the only one. There are thousands and thousands of business organizations that are franchised and you might not even know them. From the corner store you buy your gas at, a local fast food restaurant, to the large chain stores and restaurants you go to on a regular basis. They are all over the place, why? They are usually a good investment for the purchaser because they are usually easy to duplicate and be profitable, at least compared to starting a franchise from scratch. Fast Food franchises are one of the more popular franchise ventures, but when it comes to buying a business, franchising is a very good way to go.

Buying a dry cleaning franchise is no different, it is also a smart way to get into business for yourself and own a commercial business with a good potential and income. There is some brand recognition for dry cleaners, but not a lot. Most people look for the name " Dry cleaner " , not by the franchise name, which may be martinizing dry cleaners, iclean dry cleaners, hangers dry cleaners or other names. Although you may still recognize these names, they are not as well known as a fast food or restaurant name would be. As an example, when I ask you for a burger joint franchise, you will probably come back with McDonald's. That is name identification and not service recognition. You are not going to be purchasing a name so much as a system when you are looking at a dry cleaning service franchise.

When you talk about franchising a business, people normally associate it with a fast food restaurant. Fast food franchises have been around for a long time and are probable one of the more popular franchise franchise to buy. If you have been considering getting into the restaurant or fast food restaurant commercial, franchising is a great way to do. Franchising a fast food restaurant is not too hard to do and brings a lot of brand recognition too. You have probably been reading through the many pages of entrepreneur magazine or other franchise magazines and online sites, wondering if the fast food business is the right franchise to buy into. As a side note, the fast food industry has been one of the better industries lately too. With the recent recession issues today, the Dry Cleaning industry has actually seen growth. On average, dry cleaning commercial organizations have seen steady growth for about the last 50 years or more.

If you are considering opening your own business, you will need to have a good location, unique content, unique services, great advertising and a great staff just to get started. Not only are there a lot of start up risks involved with new business organizations, you have to deal with developing product and name recognition. If you decide to buy into a dry cleaning franchise instead, which is in my opinion, a better way to go, you get to build on the existing brand and name recognition that is already in place.

Buying a franchise does have its benefits. Not only do you get great help from the parent company, but you will likely get instant customers once you open the doors, simply from the name of the business.

Cleaning is here to stay, it has been here for over 100 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Even with today's market trends and money conscious people all over the country, dry cleaners are used all over the nation. The biggest reason for the success of dry cleaners today is time, people don't have any of it in their personal lives and don't have the time to clean their delicate, dry clean only and other garments. Consumers and people in general don't like to change ( too much ) and generally stick to their regular routines and commercial organizations they are used to going to. The customers you target are extremely loyal to their favorite places because they know that they get the same service every time.

Dry cleaner franchises are normally not a very high costing business either, but they can add up when you are looking at constructing a new location in a new market base. But they can be very cost effective when you are buying out an existing business or leasing space in an existing strip mall or business market. Start up costs of a business will vary and the most common differences is the cost of real estate and location, the better the location, the higher the cost in most cases.

Lets talk promoting and marketing. Dry cleaning businesses don't normally campaign on a national level, they are more locally targeted but will still benefit from a franchise merchandising system. Franchised Dry Cleaners don't always advertise nationally, they advertise to their client base the best they can or know how. If you were a new franchise owner, how would you advertise? You would probably start somewhere like the radio and go from there and see where your cost benefits are. That process is time consuming and can be expensive. A Franchise system will or at least should show you how to market your business and promoting for a dry cleaner might seem like shot in the dark to you, but for the franchisor, they already know what works and will show you.

Ok, great, that all seems wonderful, but what are the down sides to a Dry Cleaning Franchise? Well, like any other franchise business there are additional fees you will have to pay the parent company and each business will have a different fee structure. Is that a bad thing? It can be if you are looking at the bottom line financial figures, but you can't look at just the numbers, you have to see and know what that money is buying you. Like I mentioned earlier , you benefit from the merchandising that the company does and may also provide you with some of the material for your promoting campaigns too. The franchise business fee you pay can be a set number ( which is not common), or a percentage of either gross or net income, it does vary. In the end, the cost is nominal when you look at the help you get from the company. You pay a small fee to be a part of a large corporation with lots of help. One great advantage is buying power actually, mostly from suppliers. Often franchises can negotiate better pricing for inventory and dry cleaning supplies then you could ever do as a sole business owner and depending on the scale of your franchise it might be worth it alone.

Owning a business may seem like an pricey and daunting task for some people. However, you need to realize that you are paying a nominal franchise fee to get the training and support to get a business off the ground. The franchise itself will pay for the initial franchise costs very quickly, usually within the first 1 or 2 years of franchise. The cost of owning a franchise are worth it, you will likely not make the same mistakes as a new commercial owner might, you will have the training, support and backing you need to be successful. The franchiser wants to see you succeed and will do what they can to help you get there. If you are comparing the cost of a new dry cleaner business to a dry cleaning franchise, then you might just be surprised on how it may be cheaper in the long run for you to get into a franchise.