Iguana Cages for Sale
Shopping for iguana cages for sale can be pretty fun, especially when you consider all the great models there are to choose from. What would make your reptile happier than having a new home to live in? You can find a decent selection in pet stores, but there are many more available online. You might be surprised at how cool some of the enclosures are, too. If you want to buy iguana cages for sale, there are some things to keep in mind.

Large Iguana Cages for Sale

First, you'll want to make sure that the size is right for how large your reptile is. Many owners will buy different size iguana cages for each stage of their pet's growth. This is a pretty good idea as it keeps the enclosure proportionate to the animal's size, making it look more appealing for outside viewers. However, some owners prefer to buy large iguana cages from the start. By doing this, they save money in the long run. It also makes the pet happy since they have plenty of room to roam around and enjoy life. A lot of people don't realize just how large these reptiles can get. The green species can easily reach 6 feet by the time it's full grown. Knowing this, it might be a wise idea to buy large iguana cages for sale as soon as you can. Small enclosures are okay for hatchlings and juveniles, but once they start growing, it's time to step it up before it's too late.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these reptiles are arboreal, which means they love to climb on branches and be high up. The word itself means they are tree-dwelling, so obviously when they begin to reach adulthood, a large enclosure is important. Whenever you buy iguana cages, make sure you put a large branch in it to make your reptile happy.

Cheap Iguana Cages for Sale

If you've never had to shop for these before, you might want to know that most iguana cages do not come cheap. Most of them are at least $100, with quite a few being in the $200-$300 price range. This is just one of many things to think about, financially, when you own these pets. You will find that they are not very cheap to own, and they require a lot of maintenance and supplies. If you want to get the best prices on cheap iguana cages for sale, shopping online is definitely the best way. There are many cheap enclosures on websites like Amazon, eBay, CheapPetProducts.net and PETCO.

Used Iguana Cages for Sale

Another option to get them for cheap is to buy them used. Websites such as craigslist, eBay, and Yakaz are a few great resources to start out with. All of these places have a pretty good selection of used iguana cages for sale. However, buying them used comes with plenty of hazards. After you get the enclosure, you'll want to perform a few steps to ensure that it's safe for both you and your pet.

Reptiles, especially this species in particular, are notorious for carrying bacteria and most notable salmonella. With this in mind, you need to give your used iguana cages a good cleaning. You can't be too careful when it comes to this because you do not want to bring this kind of bacteria into your home or introduce it to your pet.

After cleaning your used enclosure, inspect it thoroughly to make sure there are no cracks in the walls or any damage to the latch or door. The last thing you need is a free-roaming reptile on the loose in your home, especially if he has salmonella. Always give used iguana cages a good inspection and repair any damage that you find before it's used to house your reptile. You might have a hard time keeping the temperature consistent if there are any large cracks in the enclosure.

If you're looking to get used iguana cages for sale with the lights and everything included, those should definitely be inspected as well. It's important for these reptiles to have the proper light. They require full spectrum lighting and any faults in the assembly or wiring might cause some issues for your scaly friend.

Considering all of the information throughout this article, you should be a lot more confident in your decision to buy iguana cages for sale. As long as you know what you're getting into beforehand, these can be fantastic pets. The main thing to remember is to educate yourself as much as you can on how to care for them, as many owners are ill-informed when it comes to many things. You also want to make sure you spend plenty of time shopping and comparing between iguana cages to make sure you're not only getting the best product possible for your situation, but also for your wallet if you can get them cheap.