The stresses of day-to-day life can take its toll on your body. Little aches and pains creep in. Especially in your back, neck, calf, shoulders and waist area. Even at the base of the back of your head. Do you ever have that feeling? Just a dull ache or stiffness all around. You just feel a little older, a little more tired and a little more drained and stressed carrying those muscle tensions around.

Sometimes, a nice relaxing massage just helps to relax your mind, ease out the knots in your stiff muscles and give yourself some valuable 'me time'.

That's why you might want to treat yourself and invest in a comfortable massage chair. Still back and massage your cares away!


The iJoy 130 Human Touch Massage Chair is a reclining comfy chair which contains rollers inside which go up and down and in and out to give your body and refreshing massage as you sit in the comfort of your own home. There's a remote control so you can adjust the settings even as you're reclining back. There are four modes: percussion to wake you up a bit, rolling for some gentle massage pressure, kneading: for those knotty areas and those with a super aching and tired body and compression which gives you quite a deep muscle massage too. This particular model of Ijoy includes a back/head pillow and an ottoman 2.0 calf and foot massager too.

The ottoman (foot stool) is a good additional extra...since you are lying back and getting a massage on your back, neck and shoulders anyway, you might as well work on the calves and foot. Your calves and feet form the base of your body so get those nice and comfortable and you have a great foundation for the rest of your body. Having the ottoman come separately is a nice touch and some massage chairs the foot part all comes together. With a separate ottoman you can take it other places. For example, I put the ottoman under my computer table or even at the dining table some times. It's great. I feel like I'm being pampered even as I do some extra work at my computer! I could argue that it helps my productivity as I'm less inclined to walk away from my computer and get distracted.

The Ijoy chair reclines back easily. And it reclines to a useful 170 degrees. There is an adjustable headrest/lumbar pillow so you can get your position just right and as with most good quality products, it comes with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty (if can also buy a refurbished model at a serious discount which I think it a good option to consider)


Well for me, it's the joy of being able to sit back and get a high quality massage every night as I sit in front of the TV, or I've sometimes had a calf and foot massage while eating dinner!

It's made of good quality material which lasts great. Even after several years, the chair will look like new. And the massage modes and rollers actually work unlike the cheaper models out there.

It works as a great TV chair too, even if you do not switch on the massage modes. So if you're going to invest in a reclining chair, might as well spend a little more to make it a massaging chair, right?

I suffer from aches and pains and I love loosening up my muscles at the end of a busy day.

Ijoy Human Touch Massage Chair


It is NOT a replacement for a human great massage therapist. And you don't get the luxury of a beauty salon/spa. But don't think of the Ijoy chair in that way. It's far cheaper in the long run for a can you afford a proper massage every night? For me, if I'm going to sitting at my computer, or watching TV, why NOT have a great massage at the same time. That's how I look at it, rather than a direct swap for booking and going to a massage parlor.

It's a small point but the fact that the chair has wheels helps a lot in moving it around. And it's lovely to look at, they guys at Ijoy have actually thought about the design. Unlike some of those hideous massage chairs that look like some kind of torture machine.


If you love having massages, or suffer from neck, back and muscle pain, yes it's for you. And if you're looking for a comfortable reclining chair either for your lounge, study or bedroom, definitely. I would say it makes a memorable and useful present for your elderly relatives or someone who has a busy lifestyle and needs a bit of a relax and de-stress after a busy day. They will love you for it and get daily use of it for years to come. And remember, to look around for good offers and discounts, or cheaper refurbished options.

To your relaxing, stressless days ahead!