I was surprised how this was so much easier to find on shower curtains than it was to come across on actual drapery. It has been a staple on rugs, wallpaper, and even couches for the past few years. However, I think using it on the window is always my favorite choice. It will become dated so I prefer more neutral rugs and I don't want to have to deal with taking down wallpaper. (If my apartment would let me put it up to begin with).

Cheap Ikat Shower Curtain

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Go Bold With Color

While it is a big trend you may think that you have to makeover your entire room to match this. It’s a very saturated and bold design. It's not just like a white linen panel that will match anything. It will really stand out if you don't plan around it.

Probably the color palettes are the biggest draw here. You’ll find lots of oranges, reds, purples, blues, and greens. Sometimes you will find them altogether in one piece!

Global Inspired Bathroom Themes

However, this doesn't mean that you have to match it directly to your wall color. It would probably be too bold if you attempted this. Luckily a lot of these pieces do use white in them so it will match your molding, furniture, or existing wall color.

If you do want to pull a wall color directly from the fabric then I would be a little bit careful. This is a statement piece that isn't made to blend in. You don't need red walls and honestly most rooms can't handle them because of the size and the lighting. Look for smaller accents of gray or tan that you can use for your wall color.

This can be part of a larger theme. If you have dark wood furniture with simplistic lines this has a global effect. Look for ceramic garden stools and crisp white wall colors to compliment this. Breakfront or carved furniture is also popular here. However, simple sofas and lighter wall colors make this room livable and contemporary. The curtains will really be the statement piece of the entire room.

Deny Designs

Probably my favorite prints use unexpected colors. While I appreciate the bolder palettes when it comes to my actual wardrobe; it's not something I would want to look at every day or year after year. Instead, you can find more monochromatic looks paired with white. My favorite versions often blend gray, coral and white together. However, turquoise, green and white is another popular although unique combination. Choose these palettes if your room is already decorated. With any patterned drapery I like to see a lining so that it doesn't look out of place when you see it from outside because it is so bold.

The bright colors also make it a fun accent for a kid’s playroom. However, it's chic enough to use in a living room too. These primary colors are staples for kids’ rooms; but honestly I've never liked them until I saw this pattern. Usually it just reads as much too childish to me but I really love the idea of these more sophisticated drapes that still use such vibrant palettes.