Ikebana vases tie together simple function and beauty in ways that are equally soothing and intriguing. These vases are used for flower arrangements that follow the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana. It's a hobby for many and a beautiful way to bring style to your home. Read on to discover a little more about Ikebana, the top vase styles so important to the art, and the prices for these vases at retailers.

Ikebana: Flower Minimalism

Ikebana Vase Contemporary OvalIkebana itself is an ancient art that the Japanese have practiced since the 6th century. Buddhists of the time practiced it, and it has grown in popularity across the world through the centuries. Today millions of people enjoy the meditative and soothing practice. Ikebana itself means "living flowers", and as a style it differs a lot from typical western flower and plant arrangements. The goal in Ikebana is not multiple beautiful stems packed together for a lush design. Instead it strives for minimalism, symmetry, unique color combos, and interesting lines using many organic forms. It's a reflective art that ties more into a person's soul and life's relationship with the earth and the heavens.

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Ikebana Vases: Perfect Vessels For The Art

As much as the flowers and plants are integral to Ikebana, so are the vases. Ikebana vases, too, have meaning and heighten the experience. Depending on the style of Ikebana you are following, there are different types of Ikebana vases to fit. Two of the most popular styles of Ikebana are Heika and Moribana, and each have vases that extend the style's mission.

Nageire Cylinder Vase for Ikebana


Heika as a style places major emphasis on vertical lines. It's a style that constantly pulls the eye upward, featuring the natural length of the flower and hinting at the heavens. Ikebana vases used for Heika, then, are more narrow and tall in shape, akin to many elegant cylinder or hurricane vases you find on the market. Heika is very structured with a lot of design rules, which, together with a beautiful vase, can create striking works of art that seem to reach for the skies or defy gravity.

Georgetown Pottery Small Round Ikebana Vase


The style of Moribana ties more to the earth. It features flowers in a way that feels more like they are in their natural habitat. Because of this, Moribana is more freestyle than Heika. There are less rules and structure. Yet, the vases for Moribana themselves are some of the more unique vases you'll ever come across. They are low to the ground and shallow, sort of like an extension of the earth below them. Some of them are built to hold a small pond of water adding to the effect.


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Ikebana And Ikebana Vases In Home Decor

No matter the style of Ikebana vase, they all come in beautiful colors and designs. Some, like those in solid colors, can become more of a beautiful accent to the stunning flower arrangement. Others include compelling graphic patterns that add just as much to the design. It's a wide ocean of variety.

The home decor beauty of Ikebana and its vases is that it defies being stuck in only one design motif. It's equal parts classic and modern, and you can choose vases and experiment with organic arrangements that will compliment your home in many innovative ways.

Ikebana Vase Prices

Crescent Ikebana Vase

The price ranges for these vases are as full of variety as the vase styles themselves. There's a lot of Ikebana vase choices, and depending on their size and the material by which they're made, the prices will vary. Typically the taller Heika vases are more expensive, many beautiful options falling in the $50 to $70 range. Moribana vases start lower, many quality choices to be found in the $25 to $40 range. But with both styles, you can find Ikebana vases that cost hundreds of dollars. There are definitely some unique ones out there.

As hobbies go, few have such an impact on your home decor as Ikebana, and Ikebana vases are an integral piece to the overall style. Whether you want a compelling vertical arrangement or a beautiful grounded design, there are choices for you. They can add a soothing, meditative touch to both your life and your home.