Taking illegal drugs can be extremely dangerous to not only your health, but your child's health as well. If you decide to take illegal drugs during your pregnancy or around a child you could be dealing with many future problems for the child or even death. It is important to stay clear of drugs as you could be harming your little one's life. Even if you have used illegal drugs in the past, you can stop now. If you feel like you need help or know anyone that may need help it is best to get the support needed.

The Embryo
The embryo is at a lot of risk from illegal drugs, because this is when the organs and the fetus are developing. Even though your baby is so small, there can be major developmental issues already in their life. Some problems that can occur due to drug use during the first trimester, such as shortened or missing limbs. Long term effects are vaginal cancer, respiratory problems or even mental retardation. Taking illegal drugs even at this point in your pregnancy can already have a negative effect. Before you take any illegal drugs think about what you are putting inside your child's respiratory and developmental system.

The Fetus
All illegal drugs can harm the fetus, and there are many different types of drugs out there. The most common drugs and their effects:
Marijuana: Can cause fine tremors and irritability. It also reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the fetus that is growing.
Cocaine: Can lower the birth weight due to the placenta separating from the uterus.
Heroin: Malnutrition, placental abnormalities, premature rupture of membranes and the baby can be born with an addiction to heroin are the risks you are chancing with your baby.

Drugs are dangerous for a child no matter if they are a newborn or 13 years old. Illegal drugs can give a infant an increase chance of sudden infant death syndrome, otherwise known as SIDS. Other effects to taking illegal drugs around a child are: growth defects, intestinal abnormalities, uncontrolled shaking, a hyper child, learning and developmental problems and more emotional problems than any other child. It is also known that if a child sees you using drugs around them, most likely they will grow up using drugs too, and thinking that it is okay. It is important to teach you're your children the dangers of illegal drug use. Be a good role model and leave your child with a positive influence on their life.

There are many support groups in all areas of the world if you feel as if you need help. Before you decide on starting a family, it is important to get the help. If you need help quitting illegal drug use do so before you put not only your life at risk, but your child's as well. Be their to protect your child when they need you the most. You will not regret this life lasting decision that you have made.