Illuminated bathroom mirrors have shed a whole new light on small bathroom spaces (pun totally intended!), meaning that even if you don't have a natural light source in your bathroom, as is the case in many en-suite bathrooms these days, you don't have to suffer from bad lighting, which can be so annoying.

Badly lit bathrooms can be so frustrating, and it doesn't have to just be a lack of light, light at the wrong angle can be equally as frustrating. Trying to get ready using a badly lit mirror can waste valuable time, especially in the mornings when you are trying to get ready for work. Shaving using a mirror that has light thrown on it at a skewed angle can lead to you shaving the same patch over and over, or even missing a patch completely thanks to the random shadows that occur. Likewise trying to apply make-up in a mirror that doesn't light your face properly can turn out to be a bit of an ordeal. This is where an illuminated bathroom mirror will come into it's own, as it will provide even lighting across your reflection meaning you can see exactly what you are doing. Many contemporary bathroom mirrors incorporate lighting these days, and there is a wonderful range of sizes and designs you can choose from.

There are different ways your bathroom mirror can be lit, with all round lighting, back lighting or just specific points being lit, both offering fantastic illumination. The style, shape and lighting of your bathroom mirror can be chosen to fit in perfectly with your bathroom design, so if you have a dark washroom that is in need of a small bathroom wall mirror, or perhaps a funky minimalist bathroom that needs a very simple beveled mirror, you will be able to find the ideal match for your needs. Lighted bathroom mirrors are incredibly versatile, and the fact that they are lit does not generally impede on their style or design possibilities.

If you cannot find the perfect illuminated mirror for your bathroom, don't despair as it is always possible to have a bespoke illuminated mirror made to your specifications. Of course, taking this route is going to be more costly than buying an off the shelf mirror, but bearing in mind the importance of not only stylish mirrors, but also how essential good lighting is in a bathroom, it may well be worth the extra expense to get your perfect bathroom mirror.

By adding an illuminated mirror to your bathroom, you are also adding an extra dimension of lighting. There is nothing nicer than having a long relaxing soak in the bath, and by just using your mirror as the lighting instead of the main light, you can create a lovely soft light in which to completely chill.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are a much better choice over a standard framed bathroom mirror, as it will give your bathroom a whole new lease of life and will make it feel much more modern and functional. It will cost slightly more than a standard mirror, but will be worth the extra outlay in the long run.