Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

If you are saying "I'm disabled and need to make money from home," you are in good company. Many people who are disabled and receiving benefits still need to find jobs or opportunities to make extra money to supplement their benefits from Social Security. Many feel that they cannot make ends meet on the government benefits alone, so they try to look for a part-time job or something they can do to make extra money. Being disabled has it's set of complications so many disabled people receiving Social Security aid try to find something they can do from home.  In today's modern world, that can be possible with a computer and a really good internet access.

 Some may be wondering "Can I still work if I'm collecting benefits?" That is a valid question and the answer is yes in many cases.

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So, How Can I Make Extra Money  From Home If I Am Disabled?

West At Home Work At Home Customer Service And Sales

West At Home is one of the largest work from home companies hire people to do customer service and sales from home either full time or part-time or just in their spare time.  West At Home has to pay the state minimum wage so it is not available in every state, however, you can check their website to see if the your state is represented. There are other great customer service oriented companies as well such as: Liveops, VIP desk, and Teletek. More and more call centers are hiring people with disabilities working from a home office to handle their national and international customer base.


Odesk.com or Guru.com

On Odesk.com, you can find thousands of different opportunities to bid for.  Odesk.com is a marketplace for work at home job-seekers and those who are looking for help.  If you are disabled and need to make extra money from home, sign up to Odesk.com and get started with the job bidding process.  Aft first, when you begin, you may need to lower your rate or take jobs that pay lower than your skill rate, however, as you prove yourself by getting your Odesk score up and getting good ratings from previous employers, you can ask for a better price per job.  Many people make a good living taking Odesk jobs. It is an international marketplace as well so if you are starting a business and need to find "cheap" help you can also change your position from being a job seeker to being an employer to find the help you need to help your business grow.  On Odesk, you can do both.

Guru.com is something similar to Odesk.  It is also a marketplace for job seekers and employers to find each other.  The process works very similar to Odesk, however, Guru.com has a much more extensive job inventory list, while Odesk is less confusing and more user friendly.



If you are disabled and need to make extra money from home, one of the first places you should sign up with is Workplacelikehome.com.  You will find other people who are disabled and trying to find work to supplement their benefits.  Workplacelikehome.com is like an office water cooler online where independent contractors gather to discuss differ companies and work at home opportunities. If you are unsure about a company's work from home offer, Workplacelikehome is a good place to go to get advice on how to check if a work at home company is legitimate before you waste time and money.  Workplacelikehome.com has folders for many of the well-known work at home companies and within these folders or forums you can talk to other independent contractor and get tips about applying to and working for a certain company.  Workplacelike home also has daily job leads that members of the forum post each day. If you are planning to work from home to make extra money to supplement your benefits, Workplacelikehome.com is an absolute must.


RatraceRebellion.com To Find Work From Home Jobs

Ratracebellion is created by husband and wife team, Christine Durst & Michael Haaren who have appeared on many programs such as ABC News, Dr. Oz and CNN talking about their books "Work at Home Now," and "The Two-Second Commute," as well as their very resourceful website, Ratracerebellion.com.

Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great LivingCredit: Amazon.comThe 2-Second Commute: Join the Exploding Ranks of Freelance Virtual AssistantsCredit: Amazon.com



You can pretty much get anything on Craigslist.com, including finding a good part-time or full-time job. Many, many people go to Craigslist daily to find now and exciting job opportunities to fit into their schedule and their lifestyles.  Disabled people are no exception. When looking for a job, especially a work at home job on Craigslist, you have to really watch out for scams.  Marketplaces where anyone can post anything, like Craigslist are also where scammers like to lurk.  You can easily learn to pick out the gems from the scams by learning how to identify work at home scams. Learn that all "stuff envelopes at home for money," ads are not scams but 99 percent of them are so you need to how how to weed out the duds from the gems.  Workplacelikehome or even WAHM.com, can help you do this by interacting with other folks who work from home and have more experience in this area.

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Learn Medical Coding and Billing

You can realize a good deal of money from becoming a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist. This is something you can do very part-time to supplement your benefits or it is something you can do as a full-time job from home.  The field of Medical Coding and Billing is growing by leaps and bounds and it is one of the fastest growing work from home professions of 2012 and beyond.  Depending on the program you attend, you can take out a Stafford Loan to attend school, get grants for women and single mothers or take out a personal loan to get your degree as a professional Medical Coding and Billing Specialist.

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Work as a Virtual Assistant From Home

Virtual Assistants help companies and individuals grow their businesses in a variety of ways.  You can make a pretty good living working from home as a Virtual Assistant.  You can also get great Virtual Assistant jobs on Craigslist and Odesk.  The Book "The Two-Second Commute," featured above goes into how you can make a good living working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

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